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New Renault Captur – Tailor made for the Urban Adventurer slash Explorer

Correlating the Renault name with its glorious past successes at the very pinnacle of motorsports no less, it seems a given that there’s bound to be a slither if not a whole damn lot of that all-conquering motorsports DNA being channeled downstream into its production offering. For the sake of that dude what’s his name Pete, or something, let’s consider that opening take to be in the affirmative, what, you might ask, would that priceless Motorsport DNA do for a modern and highly accomplished Renault compact crossover like this new Captur? Quite a bit actually.

Well, that depends on your opinion, your perception and the bottom line – as per the double highlighted lines right under said term for that added emphasis, your personality. I’m no psychologist; my prognosis on the subject should not be taken into relevance, much less be discussed or considered. As such my take on the matter is obviously biased, for the likes of petrol-heads of which a large chunk are lead-footed, whilst a handy slice from that has extra heavy duty ballast welded on their right foot.

What I’m ranting on about is of course the ever contagious fun factor of which speed (in all its excess splendor) is the one key ingredient in the concoction of fun whence behind the wheel. Now often enough be the case that speed is forevermore relative and exclusive. You’d find yourself ascending higher up as per both the horsepower game inasmuch the corresponding RM recesses. This be a harsh reality for most speed deprived hotshots to accept, and there’s just no getting around it, right?

Wrong, there’s bucket-loads of fun to be had with plenty of dosh to spare, just ask the dudes behind the fabulous conceptualization of this fabulously fun French compact crossover – the Captur (French for capture I’d wager, only correctly pronounced in that French twang). Staying true to its wonderful original concept this new Captur comes with a massive rep to its credit, that of being Europe’s best selling crossover in its segment.

Featuring a host of style updates and makeovers Renault Malaysia (TC Euro Cars) introduces the Renault Captur, featuring classy new visual enhancements on the exterior complimented with a fine array of refinements inside. Touted as being ‘geared for urban adventurers’ the new Captur has among others bold C-shape daytime running lights, 2-tone finish, updeated grille design, striking new lighting, with the requisite new set of alloy wheels sized 17 inch wrapped with appropriately sized tires. The Captur exudes basic compact crossover chic through and through without having to be in motion, really fellas.

Plant your left foot inside as you saunter into its comfy and accommodating driver’s seat, you’d be only be having your knees bent two-thirds of the way as oppose to a ‘regular’ motorcar’s normal ride height. Numerous interior updates abounds such as leather upholstery, crystal clear MEDIA NAV 7 inch touchscreen, providing navigation, handsfree connectivity with Bluetooth® technology, with an added AI take thrown in: ECO coaching giving you advise on reducing your daily fuel consumption. The jury’s out on that, as hardy drivers would hardly need such novelty.

Chugging the new Captur along with consummate ease, is the TCe 120 engine – a 1.2 liter turbo engine that is a genuine grin inducer of a motor. It lets some 120ps max output at 4900rpm and 2000rpm quoted max torque of 190Nm trickle down via Renault’s 6-speed EDC (efficient dual clutch) gearbox. Once you take it all in on your urban ‘sojourns’ you’d immediately see the inherent gist of Renault’s ‘Balance of power and efficiency’ credo thereafter.

Ensuring that crucial peace of mind factor the new Captur has the acclaimed Five-star Euro NCAP safety rating in the passive safety crash tests carried out by the independent body Euro NCAP; in case of unavoidable impact the Captur is equipped with high-efficiency front airbags, head/ thorax side airbags and efficient pressure sensors to detect impact. On the active safety front, the list goes on including ESC (electronic stability control), ABS with EBA, Hill-start assist, rear parking assist on so on.

Priced staring from RM105, 980 the new Captur also comes with 5inCAPTUR consisting of 5 years / 100,000km service package (inclusive of parts & labor), 5 years / unlimited mileage full manufacturers’ warranty, 24 hours roadside assistance, Free pick-up service during scheduled maintenance, Mobility solutions, in the event your Captur needs to be in the service centre for more than 48 hours.

Click on TC Euro Cars S/B homepage for more details on the fabulous new Captur.

Car: Renault Captur
Engine: 1.2Liter Turbo
Gearbox: 6-speed EDC
Max Power: 120ps at 4900rpm
Max torque: 190Nm at 2000rpm

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