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Mercedes A250 AMG Line Review

Mercedes have come a long way. They used to be only owned by expectorates, doctors and (stereotypically) lawyers. Now though, ever since the introduction of various classes, Mercedes has penetrated so many segments that it’s hard to even keep count! This here is Merc’s C-Segment contender, the A-Class. It has taken the nation by storm and this W177 A-Class is hitting the streets at an alarming rate!

Mercedes kindly lent me this A250 AMG Line for a weekend and to see if it was worth the RM263,888 asking price, I took it on a family road trip from KL up to Cameron Highlands. Fetching a family of four in the A250 seemed to not be an issue at all. The W177 has more legroom, headroom and width thanks to it being longer, taller and wider than its somewhat cramped W176 predecessor. As a result of these changes, and redesigned rear seats, passenger comfort gets an A. As for the front row, the A250 gets sports seats that take inspiration from the A45 but are more forgiving. They did a splendid job of keeping me in place during the twisty bits of the journey. The larger dimensions also meant that the boot space was more than sufficient to take in laundry, luggage and a month’s worth of grocery shopping.

From the time you get in the car, you’re greeted with a well built and posh interior resembling that of the S and E class. Traditional instrument clusters are gone and replaced with two 10.25-inch screens with stunning graphics. You can view the vehicles boost, hp, and torque displays while driving which was especially entertaining. From the lighting details to the customizable dials and the exquisitely designed air-condition vents, Mercedes is truly on a roll when it comes to fancy interiors. The centre display is a touch screen and incorporates the Mercedes-Benz User Experience(MBUX) infotainment system.

Before I get to the performance part of the review, let me address the styling of the A250. It’s brilliant. Mercedes have been spot on with their new Sensual Purity design language because this car, with the AMG Line kit, visually caters to your every need. It is appealing in almost any angle. From the rear, you get the sloping rear window that meets the redesigned sexy smooth taillights and lower still to a sporty but not overdone rear bumper and diffuser design.

As for the front end, CLS fans would recognize it thanks to the lower nose, sharper designed headlights, and a dominatingly large front grille. The side profile and AMG Line rims make the A-Class seem like it’s sitting lower than before, hence the sportier road presence that was getting me lots of looks from people as I drove around in the night. I mean, it’s bright red shiny hatchback with a Mercedes badge. Of course, they’re going to look.

Speaking for the performance, the 2.0L engine made mincemeat of the highway journey. Power delivery was smooth and powerful. The A250 was able to deploy all 224hp and 350Nm with ease and comfort without so much as a deep breath. The 7-speed DCT wet clutch gearbox compliments the engine very well and gets the car going smoothly. On the tighter uphill part of the journey, the massive cross-drilled brakes on the A250 really came into its own and boy am I grateful for them. The dynamic select modes allow the car to transform according to the driver’s needs and appropriately adjust throttle response, steering sharpness and gearbox ferocity.

All in all, after a weekend with the A250, it left me wondering, if all you need is a pretty badge and a good car, why would you look any further? Check out my video review of the A250 AMG Line at

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