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Mazda CX-3 Diesel

This issue’s crossover themed car review continues with the eye-pleasing Mazda CX-3 SkyActiv-D, brought in for the Malaysian market by the manufacturer’s sole distributor Bermaz Motor S/B. With the latest diesel tech and design being where it’s at, there’s an overwhelmingly strong case for you to take diesel over petrol. And in the case of the smart looking CX-3 right here, there are more pluses than minuses to tilt the argument in its favour.

As far as the available CX-3 variants are concerned, there are hardly any visual differences therein save for their designated badges. From a neutral standpoint this compact Mazda dripping with all the visual drama of Mazda’s trademark philosophy of ‘KODO Soul of Motion’ design language – combining the three basic principles of design therein. Harnessing the KODO template as per the other Mazda offerings, the CX-3 exudes driving emotion inasmuch fun inducing persona, unmistakable in such a funky looking compact crossover.

Cabins are not much different with other SKYACTIV models. The design of the interior looks compact and compact with the latest technology features. If you pay close attention, the interior designs are almost identical to Mazda2.

The middle console comes with the MZD Connect audio system with a 7-inch touchscreen displaying various driving info. When driving in jams or accelerating on the highway, I can easily control the audio system via the center button in the center. Among other features are keyless entry systems, leather-covered seats, countdown cameras, automated air conditioning systems and i-Stop.
Performance aspect which needs some manner of paradigm adjustments seeing as nowadays there aren’t all that many downsides for a diesel powered engine and a petrol engine. In the CX-3 the 1.8 liter diesel is equipped with ultra-high-response multi-hole injectors and a variable-geometry turbocharger handy enough to produce 116ps at 4,000 rpm (up by 11 ps compare to the previous model) and some 20Nm more torque 270Nm from 1,600 to 2,500 rpm. Drivetrain is a six-speed automatic.

Soon I find myself getting a wee bit ahead of myself as I got behind the wheel, the welcoming ambience of the nice to look at even nicer to get it on, of the driver’s console. Right off the top, it took a nanosecond of immersion to get in the mood, the spirited diesel motor, its whirring noise negligible as the Mazda trudges along. Immediately the notion was that this CX-3 works well, exceedingly so as a matter of fact. It’s hard to find the weakness of this compact SUV model either in terms of performance or fuel efficiency. The power and response was quick with ample urgency for a short burst of overtaking.

Yet more fun beckons thanks to its SPORT mode which dialed everything up a couple of notches. The taller ride height was barely noticeable as the convincing and assuring dynamics of this compact crossover from Mazda.

There’s all the more reason to make good and clever use of that fancy communication device and locate your nearest Mazda showroom, and book a test drive of this exceptional Mazda CX-3 Diesel power crossover, and be impressed right away just as we did.

Car: Mazda CX-3 1.8 SKYACTIV-D
Engine: SKYACTIV-D engine, 4-inline cylinder, DOHC 16 Valve
Max output: 116ps at 4000rpm
Max torque: 270 Nm 1600 – 2500rpm
Transmission: 6 automatic speed with manual shif mode (SKYACTIV-DRIVE)

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