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Haval H2

The Haval BRAND is rarely (perhaps never) as an example of netizens comparison when commenting on comments in social media status. Haval may not be as close as Honda, but it should not be seen as an eye. If Honda does not need to be detailed yet, this time I want to chat about Haval where you probably are not.

This is Haval’s battle – the number one SUV brand that is recognized personally in the market of its home country of China. Did you know that Haval has also explored external markets other than Malaysia, such as Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Kazakhstan and others.

Haval H2 arrived in Malaysia in the import version (CBU) in May 2016, followed by a local installation (CKD) at the end of last year. The presence of the model from China received a warm welcome, and the waiting period lasted for up to two months.

The particular test drive model is the Haval H2 Red Comfort Auto. If we set aside a perception of China’s brand while closing the Haval logo on the front grille and rear bumps, many would consider this H2 a European SUV based on the use of many chrome accents, 18-inch rim and LED Daylight (DRL) accents. The neat steering wheel finish, and every cabin niche built in is also neatly decorated and looks like a solid Japanese or Korean made.

If anyone was brought into the cabin with his eyes closed, and huddled with the badge of Haval, he would have guessed that the car he was sitting now was a model of the European brand. The ergonomic factor is also at satisfactory level thanks to 6-adjustable adjustable electric chair in the driver’s section with a telescopic adjustable power steering. H2 also offers many other features such as the 7-inch touchscreen with Bluetooth, MP5, USB, and Auxiliary (AUX) connectors that are matched to a quality sound system.

You also have a solar roof with large button controls, cruise control, keyless entry, rear view camera and start-stop buttons. Another feature (only available on premium SUVs) is the red Haval word that will be transmitted to the street at night when opening the door.

Space issues, rear seat passengers get an adult-friendly foot space with headroom and broad boots. Rear seat 60:40 ratio gives extra cargo space. There is also a full-size spare tire, enough to drive everywhere with calm hearts.

The matching engine of the 1.5L VVT turbocharger petrol with the aid of 6-speed automatic gearboxes provides power of 147hp @ 5,600rpm and torque of 210Nm @ 2,200-4,500rpm. The engine responds well in the middle range, while transmissions are good for urban use.

However, the level of cabin sinking can still be forgiven because of the tires of the tires are muted. It is also amazed by the gentle and so-called H2 handling when it comes to sharp turns in spite of large wheels. Body controls such as older SUVs, with unobtrusive corners that do not fit aggressively or hard brakes.

In simple language, this SUV is more comfortable being brought in the true speed of a true sailor. The light and well-positioned electric power steering (EPS) facilitates female drivers to park vehicles, not to mention driving in urban areas.

After hundreds of kilometers on the highway and the city – some with two passengers and luggage – H2 is a fairly pleasant and comfortable companion for most people. During the three-day H2 drive, oil consumption is quite impressive with a record of 8.0 liters per 100km.

Haval has a wide range of research and development (R & D) operations as well as large plans. This is not just a word, as I have been to Haval’s R & D Center in Beijing, China. H2 will move far ahead like Hyundai and Kia 20 years ago. This we speak relatively, and that’s not something impossible to achieve. Take a look at Haval’s models in Malaysia. Maybe today you do not want to buy H2, but slowly the brand will give market value. There is a future that is worth the wait and will change our skeptical view of Chinese-made cars.

Haval H2

1.5L VVT turbo

6-speed automatic

Max power:
147hp @ 5,600rpm

Max torque:
210Nm @ 2,200-4,500rpm

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