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End Of An Era! Grab The Chance To Own The Iconic VW Beetle

For more than half a century, Volkswagen has ridden at the top of the chic lifestyle vehicle wave with the Beetle but alas, all great things must come to an end. The end of the decade marked the end of production for the VW Beetle. We are yet to hear rumors on a replacement but while waiting, why not grab the youngest generation of the icon? The 2019 VW Beetle acts as a swansong and will go down in history as the final production year of the Beetle. I can already imagine collectors planning their finances because this is most definitely a future classic. VW Malaysia has just a few units of this very car left so get cracking guys and gals.

Rather than wallowing in sadness that the Bettle has ended, how about we see just how far the “People’s Car” has come with the latest and final variant. First of all, I will concede on my part that I’m not a fan of this Miami beach chick tanned skin color. Then again who am I to comment on the color. The sole Beetle variant VW Malaysia sells here is the Beetle Sport. It retails at RM153,095 on the road. For that price, you get 3 years of free maintenance and 5 years manufacturer’s warranty which will ease some back of the mind concerns.

The best metaphor I can use to describe driving the Beetle is that it feels like a quiet evening at a farm where all I do is sit on a rocking chair and enjoy the sunset. It is a minimalistic approach to cars and driving. Nothing is overdone nor lacking. The pedal feel, both brake, and throttle are perfectly suited for city driving. Neither is too sharp that it causes any form of jerking or discomfort to the occupants.

The relatively tiny 1.2TSI engine sounds small on paper and isn’t much to shout about on the tarmac but it does fulfill the average Beetle driver’s needs. A smooth wave of torque to waft through traffic and enough to break the speed limit if you aren’t a law-abiding citizen. The ride quality will satisfy anyone who craves a comforting space to get into after a long day of work. It soaks up the conditions of our gnarly roads and keeps on going without so much as a flinch.

From the cockpit, the car gives you the impression that it is more of a conversation area than an A-B machine. As you lay your eyes on the body-colour-matching dashboard and accented steering wheel, you enjoy the fact that you aren’t being bombarded with information with half a tonne of digital readouts and blinding warning signals. Rest of the interior is standard bits and bobs that get the job done. Practicality is as expected of a 2 door four-seater.

Just nice rear legroom for small people and a commodious boot for a small getaway. Nothing to complain about because it is what it is. You’re buying the Beetle as a fashion statement not as a practical all-rounder.

This brings us neatly to the exterior. It’s easy for people to get bitten by this love bug due to the way it manages to turn heads without shouting about itself. Really, I don’t get it. How does something seem so normal yet draw such attention? I’m putting it down as a secret in VW’s recipe for the Beetle since day one. I shan’t bore you with all the technical details that you can read at the showroom. The key point I took away from the Beetle drive is that if you’re looking for something subtle but sturdy, practical yet not dull, then you need to get down to your nearest VW showrooms right away.

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