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// Volvo

Swedish Mafia

This car deserve your attention as this isn’t your regular Volvo. When someone tells you that they have a Volvo, the first thing that strikes ...
// March 26, 2020

Juiced Up Swedish Wagon

When the Swedes stamped out this V50 wagon back in 2005, they wouldn’t have expected it to turn out quite like this. And before you ...
// April 10, 2019

Mother of Mjölnir

We all know the Nordic God of Thunder wields his mighty Mjölnir to wipe out his enemies but what would he get behind the wheel ...
// March 7, 2019

Short and Swede

Victoria Silvstedt isn’t the only Swedish sex bomb from Scandinavia. The current crop of highly-desirable Swedish sex bombs also include the entire modern Volvo line-up, ...
// May 25, 2018