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// Mitsubishi

Hyper Evo Chameleon

With the demise of the Mitsubishi Evolution name, it is only right to look back at a worthy swan song for the legendary rally bred ...
// January 24, 2019

Money Can’t Buy!

The venerable Mitsubishi Evo was a jack of all trades and managed to master them all simultaneously as well. It was a speedy sedan with ...
// October 26, 2017

Agent Orange

Racecars are meant to be noticed. Logically speaking, why spray it a restrained, numbed down shade of “Meh” when a true-blue, purpose-built racecar will stick ...
// March 1, 2017

Respect Your Elders

The Evo 3 is touching 20 years old now but this one hasn’t been taking it easy in its golden years. This Evo 3 has ...
// January 1, 2017

Evolution of Flight

You don’t get too many words of phrases, adulation, awards and accolades by doing things the wrong way, know what I’m saying? This is certainly ...
// November 10, 2016

Southern show-stopper

Few rides out there make us go all sideways (among the more uncommon side effects of adrenaline excess) like Mitsu’s mythical performance saloon, the Lancer ...
// December 3, 2015