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// Lexus

Luscious Lexus from SEMA

We welcome another entry from the US of A into the Hyper Universe of marvelously clothed and wickedly tweaked import rides that could well have ...
// April 10, 2020

Killer Elite (Ninja Assassin)

Daigo Saito is a name that has gained significant recognition throughout the drift community. Never has there been a drifter who has made such a ...
// February 2, 2015


When the IS-F was launched, it was the only serious performance Lexus available on the market. You have to bear in mind that this was ...
// January 2, 2015

Lapping in luxury

Lexus has been the premium car division of Toyota for a good number of years now, producing luxury sedan models for a much specialised market, ...
// December 29, 2014

All Suited Up

I can’t tell you enough how crucial first impressions are. In terms of impressing at first glance, no car, I think, can tick all the ...
// December 12, 2012