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// Honda

High Carb, Low Fat

It’s not something that comes around too often so when it does, believe you me, you’ll know it. What are we going on about? A ...
// March 11, 2019

Hips That Don’t Lie

Honda’s glory years saw the wet dreams of many petrolheads blessed with the likes of the NSX, Civic Type-R EK and the S2000. There was ...
// February 26, 2019

Type R Hot Shot

12 months ago, the people with the Power of Dreams gave us this, the 5th Generation Honda Civic to carry the holy Type R badge, ...
// February 21, 2019

Because Already Racecar

The Honda Civic Type-R EK9 is quite simply a legend. It was the first to sport the scarlet signature of Honda’s finest performance cars; the ...
// July 5, 2017

Weekend Conqueror

The Type R sphere of influence goes quite a bit larger inasmuch as the re-adaptation of Type R components – its driveline, its powertrain, right ...
// April 25, 2017

Hardy & Feisty Honda

Looking back over at 2016 as we progress into yet another brand new year, ask “What was the biggest car news in 2016” to a ...
// February 21, 2017