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// Honda

Satire of Speed & Style

As per our regular content, we have been routinely featuring quite a few ‘mega modified masterpieces’ from our Southern California ‘coconspirators’ – Team Hybrid. Here ...
// March 26, 2020


During their Formula One haydays, Honda was something of a complicated legend. Japanese bred underdogs they were but being underestimated served only as their advantage. ...
// March 20, 2020

Rare Diamond

If you have been following our build series, you would have seen these two Kei Cars from the very beginning where it looks absolutely stock ...
// February 4, 2020

The White Angel of Mugen

Purity is a pain. When something is pure, it becomes precious therefore fragile, and shut out to the world. Why would you do that? Why ...
// January 28, 2020

Yellow But Not Mellow

It’s difficult to discount the Honda Civic regardless of the motorsport discipline; except maybe for drifting. From a street slayer to a track toy and ...
// April 13, 2019