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X Marks The Spot

Some cars are just built for eating up highway miles and doing so in comfort. Of course they make good city runabouts as well and should not be messed with. But what if you wanted that little pinch of extra juice under the hood for those times you felt like letting the AES cameras earn their keep?

Messing too much under the hood will result in extra power but you do not want to overdo it as that might take away the comfort and reduce your enjoyment of the vehicle. You need to find the balance between keeping the mods simple yet enough for some extra power without sacrificing the comfort and drivability of the car.

A fine example of getting the balance spot on would be with this Toyota Mark X from Speedworks that has received some choice mods to give it a little more oomph and yet retain its all-round practicality and comfort.

The Mark X is a fine car to begin with, it is spacious, comfortable and has a decent engine under the hood. The guys at Speedworks however knew it needed a little more under the hood and in the handling department so they dropped in a number of their products to give it an edge on the road.

On a stock setup, the Mark X dropped down a decent 174.4hp and 212.7Nm of torque on their dyno. First up was a K&N injection kit that replaced the stock airbox for more air into the 2.5-liter Dual VVTi V6 engine. Speedworks also offer a K&N air filter element replacement but the injection kit offers more power. The injection kit had a custom air enclosure made for the filter to prevent hot air from the engine bay entering the engine. Cold air is denser and contains more oxygen molecules, hence combustion would make more power.

The next piece to make it in was the Hot Bits extractor for the V6 mill. As with all Speedworks bits, the craftsmanship is second to none and the extractor is beautifully finished with neat welds. The freer-flowing design allows the engine to make more power and clear its throat better.

To make full use of the extractors, a Hot Bits exhaust system was fitted in as well with a classy exhaust tip that fits into the stock rear bumper exhaust inserts. Coupled with the extractors, the exhaust system not only liberated more power but also gave the Mark X a nice throaty growl without being overbearing and making it too noisy for the occupants.

Getting all the new bits to work together in harmony would require some tweaking of the ECU maps. For this, Speedworks turned to a GReddy e-Manage piggyback ECU to fine-tune the fueling and timing maps.

With all the new stuff loaded on and the e-Manage hooked up, the Mark X was loaded on the dyno for a retune. After a few runs and some tweaking of the maps, it laid down an impressive 195.7hp with 226.5Nm of torque.

Cornering capability was given a boost as well with Hot Bits fully-adjustable coilovers at all four corners. The coilovers were setup to suit the needs of the car, helping it corner better without making the ride too stiff or jarring for the occupants.

To aide with the extra power and grip, some wider and larger 18-inch BBS replica wheels were fitted as well, wrapped in stocky Neuton rubbers. Not only do they give the car extra grip through the corners.

For more information, contact Speedworks at 03-7955 5533, email them at or visit their website at Their facitlity is located at Lot 2, Lorong 51A/227B, Section 51A, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

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K&N Injection Kit, Hot Bits Exhaust System, Hot Bits Extractors, GReddy e-Manage






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