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The Simple Things…

An Audi A4 might seem like an odd choice for someone to soup up but look at it. It’s powered by either a 1.8 litre or 2 litre turbocharged engine, it has good looks and if you know where to look, performance parts for the thinking man’s German luxobarge are all too easy to find. But it’s always best to start off nice and easy when it comes to souping up an expensive luxury car like an Audi. These new cars are more complicated than ever and the smallest mistake could render the car undrivable.

This is why it’s a good idea to wait until the factory warranty period expires before any modifications are done. Even a simple wheel change could void the manufacturer’s warranty, leaving you open to potentially bank breaking repair bills. But for those who have extremely itchy hands and can’t wait to start tweaking, a simple ECU reflash is your best option.

Reflashing an ECU leaves no visible trace of tampering as the reflash module is plugged directly in to the car’s OBD (On Board Diagnostic) socket. The service center’s technicians and their diagnostic tools also will not be able to detect if the ECU’s fueling and ignition maps have been altered, which leaves your warranty intact.

N1Reflash is an ECU remapping service and is available for a wide range of cars. With N1Reflash, boost cuts, rev limiters and speed limiters can all be removed or raised. E-throttle response and variable valve timing parameters can also be altered using N1Reflash. Additionally, each car is given a custom remap; no two remaps are exactly the same, so your car gets the best fueling and ignition map possible.

This white Audi A4 was brought in to N1 Racing for the N1Reflash treatment. In stock form, the Audi managed a respectable 142.11PS at the wheels and 22.96kg/m of torque. Being a turbocharged car, we were expecting a healthy increase of power and torque and with the new customised fuel and ignition map, the Audi managed to churn out 161.31PS and 26.15kg/m of torque. That’s a very respectable increase of 19.2PS and 3.19kg/m of torque at the wheels with just a simple ECU remap.

N1Reflash ECU Remap

Before 142.11PS
After 161.31PS
Gain +19.2PS

Before 22.96kg/m
After 26.15kg/m
Gain +3.19kg/m

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