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Pentagon Enterprise Hondata ECU Flash for Civic FC 1.5 Turbo

The latest generation Honda Civic has kept true to its predecessor in every aspect bringing with it a myriad of technology and performance refinements, from its sumptuous, stylish and contemporary looks. Being one of the world’s best selling cars the 10th Generation Civic carries all manner of cutting edge designs and features Honda is famous for, with the main item of interest being the 1.5 liter turbo powering the premium version.

That forced inducted heart of the new Civic FC 1.5 Turbo is the L15B7 DOHC inline-4 featuring a single scroll MHI TD03 Turbo and Internal Wastegate. Together with a host of clever technology the new FC Civic has a winning combination of performance and also fuel efficiency. In fact the 1.5 Turbo has a markedly better fuel economy than the 1.8 liter model.

Of course, the fuel economy concerns aside the gist of the matter concerns power increment and enhanced drivability both of which are made conveniently possible by Pentagon Enterprise. Needing no introduction among local enthusiasts particularly Honda owners Pentagon Enterprise has always been the go-to guys for all their performance needs.

For this issue’s Power Page we bring you Pentagon Enterprise’s latest power-gaining offering for the FC Civic 1.5 Turbo – the Hondata ECU Flash tailor-made for the Malaysian market new Civic Turbo. As we all know Hondata have been one of the more well established and respected names in Honda tuning from the US with countless examples of Hondata-tuned Hondas making headlines. They are the acknowledged experts at their tradecraft, modifying standard Honda engine computers (ECUs), adding features and expanding the capabilities of the ECU (e.g. for forced induction).

The entire installation and ECU tuning was expertly done by the guys at Pentagon Enterprise to maximize the performance potential of the factory stock Civic L15B7 1.5 Turbo. All the current generation Civic running on the 1.5 Turbo power-plant would not require owners to purchase a Flashpro unit like the previous generation models. This is because Hondata has made their ECU tuning capability more accessible to the masses by offering a direct factory ECU flash similar to most European makes. In Malaysia, Pentagon Enterprise is the only official tuner licensed by Honadata USA to perform this service, based on the good working relationship in trouble shooting and product development this two parties have had for many years. All Hondata ECU Flash performed by Pentagon Enterprise are custom tuned by taking into account our local weather and fuel quality which is very important in maximizing the vehicles performance output safely.

From the dyno chart (all readings at the wheel) provided the stock Civic 1.5 Turbo power and torque output was recorded as 162ps at 5800rpm and 232.4Nm from 2700rpm respectively. After the Hondata ECU Flash was installed and locally custom tuned by Pentagon Enterprise to local RON95 the numbers rose to 174.7ps at 5600rpm and 258Nm at 3100rpm respectively. Substantial gains of 12ps and 25.5Nm for the power and torque output. Drivability is substantially improved with no change in part throttle economy. Now what is impressive from the dyno figures is not only the above mentioned peak output, but the massive gain of 20ps and 25.5Nm at the daily useable low and midrange powerband.

Indeed with the relative ease of installation and tuning of the Hondata ECU Flash and the resulting gains in horsepower and torque, not to mentioned improvements in engine response and dynamics, this is the very first performance modification you should consider for your turbo Civic.

More information can be obtained by calling Pentagon Enterprise, the official distributor for Hondata in Malaysia at +6012-377 2323 (Chris) or 03-9223 3119

Power & Torque Gains

Low and Mid Range Gain: 20ps and 29.4Nm

Before After Gains
Power 162ps at 5800rpm 174.7ps at 5600rpm 12ps
Torque 232.4Nm at 2700rpm 258Nm at 3100rpm 25.5Nm