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Hybrid Theory

The CR-Z is Honda’s answer to the question of combining an economical hybrid powerplant with a sporty, dynamic sport coupe. Dubbed the “sport hybrid coupe”, the car was an immediate hit with car enthusiasts worldwide. Under the hood is a 1.5-liter LEA 4-cylinder i-VTEC engine working together with Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) hybrid-electric system. On the dyno, the standard car produces a decent 122hp @ 6000rpm and 144Nm @ 4800rpm. The 6-speed manual transmission completes the entire package as an eco-friendly driver’s car.

If you feel that the CR-Z is lacking in performance that it should deserve, fret not, for you are not alone. There are many others who seek performance gains, and luckily various tuning companies have offered their own solution to this problem. In this issue’s Power Pages, we take a look at Speedworks’ performance kit for the CR-Z.


Starting off with a K&N air filter injection kit which replaces the factory airbox, the kit consists of a K&N open pod mesh filter and intake pipe to allow for better, unrestricted breathing. Being exposed to the engine heat, however, doesn’t do well for engine performance. So a big Hot Bits heat-shield protects the air filter from unnecessary engine heat and lets it breathe in the nice, cool air. When you have cool, dense air you get more fuel injected into the combustion chamber, and that’s how you make more horsepower.

Following up after the intake is the exhaust system. A Hot Bits kit consisting of a downpipe, mid section and rear section gives the CR-Z additional horsepower and a nice throaty exhaust note. With a GReddy E-manage piggy-back paired to the stock ECU and some fine tuning by Speedworks, the engine delivers a final output of 142.3hp and 164.3Nm of reliable, usable power. Going with the increase in power are AXT oversize discs for the front and rear, which makes the braking more sharp and precise.

Speedworks also tackled the other parts of the CR-Z. Starting with the shoes, the CR-Z was given a set of 17 inch 10-spoke wheels, shod in a colour of black. With an increase in wheel diameter, the suspension had to be upgraded as well, with a Hot Bits adjustable kit consisting of a DT1/DT2 pairing. Extra focus was given to the rear of the CR-Z, which was a good payoff as the ride is not only sporty but a comfortable one as well.

For more information about the Honda CR-Z performance kit or to find out what magic Speedworks can do for your car, give them a call at 03-7955 5533 or 012-333 0811. You can also write to them at or visit their website at

Product Power (bhp) Torque (Nm) Contact
Honda CR-Z 125 148.8 Speedworks (M) Sdn Bhd
03-7955 5533 / 012-333 0811
K&N air filter injection kit 134.7
(+ 9.7 / 8%)
(+ 3.7 / 2%)
Hot Bits exhaust system + down-pipe & K&N injection kit 135.8
(+ 10.8 / 9%)
(+ 5.5 / 4%)
Hot Bits exhaust system + down-pipe & K&N injection kit + E-Manage Blue 142.3
(+ 17.3 / 14%)
(+ 15.5 / 10%)

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