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It’s the return of yet another turbodiesel truck which has been tuned by Visworks of Johor Bahru and this time round, it’s a slightly less popular Isuzu D-Max. We’ve had the pleasure of keeping a D-Max to ourselves for a couple of days and we actually quite like the truck. Equipped with a 3-litre turbodiesel engine, the D-Max has bountiful reserves of torque.

It should come as no surprise that turbodiesels are steadily becoming the new performance engine of choice. Turbodiesels offer lots of torque and decent horsepower, but their low rev limits mean that these engines have a wide, but shortlived spread of power and torque. But that can be easily taken care of with a good gearbox with well spaced ratios. For example, did you know that Hyundai has a variant of the i30 with a 2-litre turbodiesel engine and a 6-speed gearbox? That thing flies!

Back to the topic at hand, the only turbodiesels we Malaysians can get our hands on for now come in trucks. It’ll be a while before turbodiesel powered saloons and hatchbacks are introduced to the Malaysian market thanks to our low quality diesel fuel, but at least we have these ‘monster’ trucks to tide us over.

Unichip Diesel is a special performance pack from Dastek which consists of a pre-programmed Unichip computer module, a Plug-n-Play harness (PnP) or a custom wiring harness (depending on whether there’s a harness available for the car) and a multi-map selector switch.

One of the most appealing features of the Unichip Diesel performance pack is the multi-map selector switch which allows the user to select from up to 5 different tuning maps. Switching between the maps is as simple as turning the knob on the selector and can be done on the fly with the engine running. This is an exceptionally useful feature as one will be able to switch from ‘economy mode’ for frugal daily driving, to the most aggressive maps for pulling heavy loads or for a spot of spirited driving.

Another advantage the Unichip has is that each map is tuned to be fully optimized for your car, as no two cars of the same make and model are exactly the same. While other reflash and rechip options all come with a ‘one-size-fits-all’ map, the Unichip is tuned on the dyno which makes each map specially tailored for your vehicle, giving it the best performance.

In stock form, the D-Max is capable of pushing out 131.7bhp. With the Unichip installed and tuned, the D-Max’s maximum power figure almost doubles! Tuned with the Unichip, the D-Max is now capable of a much more exhilarating 213.2bhp! This is possibly one of the most surprising increases we’ve ever seen as it’s the first time we’ve seen a vehicle nearly double its power output with a simple piggyback ECU. This just goes to show just how powerful Dastek’s Unichip really is.

Dastek Unichip Diesel

Before: 131.7bhp
After: 213.2bhp
Gain: +81.5bhp

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