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Fist of the North Starlet

Well whaddya know? This quasi retro hatch sure took me back quite a bit. It was smack bang dead center during the Escort era – ...
// March 11, 2019

High Carb, Low Fat

It’s not something that comes around too often so when it does, believe you me, you’ll know it. What are we going on about? A ...
// March 11, 2019

A Wide-Body Waja Like No Other

With the recent hype surrounding the quadruple launches of brand new Proton models, it’d be somewhat nonsensical to not allow ourselves some reminiscing of Proton’s ...
// March 8, 2019

High Fibre German Diet

Hot hatches are a varied breed these days. Multiple classes within one of the most popular performance classes’ in the market. Given how power figures ...
// March 8, 2019

Raunchier Rabbit

Adhering unflinchingly to its progenitor – the Opelika Alabama based APR LLC, APR Malaysia have stayed true to the original APR motto as they ply ...
// March 7, 2019

Mother of Mjölnir

We all know the Nordic God of Thunder wields his mighty Mjölnir to wipe out his enemies but what would he get behind the wheel ...
// March 7, 2019