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Toyota Yaris Gets Refreshed – Now With Toyota Safety Sense

The final quarter of 2020 is jam packed with B-segment contenders ain’t it? It’s like watching an early 2000s season of RAW. The Toyota Yaris just got a slight makeover and is back in the game against its usual Japanese rivals and the new kid, Proton X50. Price wise, it is starts from RM73k up to RM87k for the J, E and G respectively. Prices are close estimations provided by Toyota. Let’s dive into the details.

When the Yaris came out early last year, I sighed a little. Here is another market filler from a reliable brand in the field I thought. My opinions aside however, it appears to be selling well. Now Toyota has made it even more of a bang-for-buck package with Toyota Safety Sense features.

You get a radar that feeds information to systems such as Pre-Collision (15km/h and above), Lane Departure and a 3D 360-degree panoramic view display so you have the best possible chance to NOT crash into anything. These are in addition to existing systems like traction control, stability control, hill start assist, blind spot, rear traffic and yada yada yada. Toyota took a safe car and made it EVEN safer.

They’ve also bumped up the infotainment system to a 7″ touchscreen unit available across the range equipped with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay so you can stay connected all the time. It is quite a convenience having able to hook your phone up to the car. Glad Toyota added this feature.

To differentiate the facelift from it’s older kin, you will be looking for a sportier front bumper, super sexy new triple bezel LED Headlights and new DRLs at the bottom corners of the front. From the rear you’re not going to tell the difference. Wheels remain the same as well.

Mechanically, there are no changes. Power comes from the same 2NR-FE 1.5L engine paired with the, ugh, “7 speed” CVT. 107PS and 140Nm. So it’s in between the Nissan Almera and Honda City in terms of performance. What do you think?

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