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The G20 330e is All The Car You Will Ever Need, Cost: RM265k

Hybrid economy, German build quality, BMW driving pleasure, Competitive pricing. These four elements are what make up the G20 330e. Launched this week, the 330e M Sport (only variant we get) enters the hybrid premium sedan market at a very reasonable RM264,613.13. I know the phrase reasonable is perspective but given what the car provides, it is an absolute steal. Let’s dive in.

Being a BMW, I’m going to start with its performance. The G20 330e comes with a BMW-first new bit of tech called XtraBoost. If the name wasn’t so clear, what it does is provide more power on intense demand. All together, the 2.0L TwinPower turbo engine and electric motor give a output of 292hp and 420Nm. This is a huge hike up from the F30 330e, and that was a quick car.

Weighing in at 1.8tonnes, it’ll still do 0-100km/h in 5.9 seconds and on to a claimed 230km/h top speed. Needless to say, it is a BMW without a shadow of doubt. 2.2L/100km is the figure on the brochure.

Sorting out the gears is the popular 8-speed transmission that seems to find its way into nearly all BMW nowadays. M sport brakes are found hiding within the 18″ alloys, just as they are in the 330i.

You can choose between Sport, Hybrid, Electric and Adaptive driving modes. Sport being the one I favor because it sounds absolutely amazing. In Electric mode, BMW say you can drive for a maximum of 60km, more than enough for most of our “work jam” drives where petrol is wasted. Charge it up form your normal socket overnight within 5.7hours, 3.4 if you’ve got the BMW i Wallbox or just leave it in Adaptive mode for it to sort everything out.

Despite costing significantly lower than the 330i, the 330e comes with adaptive M Sport suspensions, which I feel should have been standard on the 330i in the first place. Thanks to this addition, the car’s character can be manipulated according to the driving modes.

The interior mimics that of the petrol powered twin aside from the added Driving modes on the center console. The 10.25 inch touchscreen infotainment system is top notch, as is the BMW Live cockpit professional 12.3 inch instrument cluster.

Gadgetry wise, you don’t get any radar guided cruise control but the Driving Assistant Package takes care of all other “warnings & assistants”. Lane change, blind spot, emergency braking, parking assistant & reverse assistant that remembers your last 50m to make back tracking easier.

All in all, with the 8 year/160k km hybrid battery warranty, the new G20 330e M Sport seems to be a neat and smart package. It sure as hell blows its rivals out of the water.

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