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Having won the inaugural S1K Independent Cup last year, Team Dream Chaser, is raising the stakes this time around, set to battle the big boys for overall honours in the Open Class. With such high stakes the team decide to make some changes in lieu of chasing their dream so to speak.

The partnership of veteran Jean-Charles Dahout and team leader CY Ong remains with a third driver – the experienced YS Lim added to the driver’s line-up. Also Team Dream Chaser had recruited a host of technical partners to support their pursuit of S1K Open Class glory this year.

The Team Dream Chaser race car is not only built by Tedco Sport (they of the all-conquering Sakura Tedco Racing Team fame), they also supply the racing parts required for the race proper. The engine is built by the highly respected R Engineering (owned by leading Malaysian driver Lai Wee Sing). Team leader CY Ong said, “ST Wangan prepared our car for S1K 2016, while for our race management, we have the distinguished team of ZeroToHundred’s Tom Goh and Angeline as our Team Manager – assisting in logistics planning, and also serving as our time keeper and strategist,”

Indeed judging from the manner in which Team Dream Chaser is prepping up for this weekend’s race, the big boys had better watch their tale, or even take the initiative to catch up come the race tomorrow.  “We’re more prepared this year and ready to challenge the top teams in the Open class,” Ong remarked.

From Jean-Charles Dahout who is a sprightly 59 years old, YS at 42 and Ong himself 38, he quipped, “We’re such a dream team. Dahout still giving his best at his age, YS is 42 years old and still going strong, competing in the Malaysia Championship Series (MCS) as well as the S1K. By participating this year, we’re hoping that we can still inspire people with our ‘can do’ attitude,” Ong added.

Ong, however, was quick to add that the team is not merely dreaming of glory, but had made comprehensive preparations in support of their quest for glory.