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Save The Planet One BMW i3s At A Time – Available At BMW i Dealerships

What does it mean to be green? Is it just driving a hybrid car? It’s a lifestyle that is shaped around saving the planet. BMW adapts this in their i vehicles. The latest one to come out of Munich, and we saw it here a few months back at KLIMS, is the BMW i3s. A revised BMW i3 with more purpose to it than just to save petrol.

To achieve its goal of sustainable living, BMW went deeper than just drivetrain technology. The interior, for example, is made of more than 80% renewable, natural and recycled materials. The exquisite dash is made of eucalyptus wood, door linings of Kenaf plant fibers, naturally-tanned leather with olive leaf extracts and 100% recycled polyester for the interior fabric.

What all this means is that the i3s is 95% recyclable. That is an unprecedented amount and shows that the path to going green does not stop at just hybrid systems.

The BMW i3s is priced at RM278,800 and comes with the BMW 5-Year unlimited mileage warranty, free scheduled service, BMW 2-Year tire Warranty Program for its run-flats and BMW Roadside Assistance & Accident Hotline.

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