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Rapid Scorching Ride of a Racing Superspecial – Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI RS2

Among the likes of the perpetually exclusive and inordinately elusive members of the ‘Genuine Performance Icon Slash Thoroughbred’ there seemed to exist an unofficial ‘credo’ that dictate and extrapolate the pecking order therein. What criteria best embody the perfect performance car thoroughbred exactly, aside from being a genuine ‘no quarters given nor any halves requested’ automobile?

Now in the interest of this precious metallic blue chunk of metal right here, the archive and the tech dossier were extracted for the most part from the UK car archives and forums and blogosphere each ran and continues to run still it seems thanks to the commendable typing skills and incessantly car-obsessed tendency of their developers – blokes the lot of ‘em with that exhaustive and strenuous attention to the tiniest most minute of detail and subjects.

And right on we provide some handy context as per this rarefied breed of limited edition Evolution with funky sounding moniker and initials; the Lancer Evolution VI RS2 – a stellar version that spawn amidst the turn of the millennium, when Mitsubishi Motors resides up at the very top in the World Rally Championship. A derivative of the Evo VI which exemplifies the pinnacle of the Evolution breed in many people’s eyes not just for its stunning good looks and outstanding all-surface ability, but also the period in history that it calls home; the turn of the millennium, when Mitsubishi was dominant in the World Rally Championship.

Some insist that Mitsu’s dominance in WRC at the time had as much to do with their machinery as it had with a super quick Finn helming the steer-invoker cum manipulator of the Works WRC Evo VI; one of the very few (if not none whatsoever) World Rally Champion that achieved four WRC title on the trot in the WRC universe. If by now you’d be scratching your meticulously styled hairdo and still haven’t thought of Tommi Makinen then you are, forever more so the very not cool one lah!

Anyhow, as an unfettered sports saloon the Evolution VI RS2 still is plenty formidable, as the RS2 is the lightest version of Generation 6 Lancer Evo, having been stripped of all luxury and the active yaw control has been replaced by a limited slip differential. FYI there were nine-hundred and fifty-seven EVO 6 RS2 in its limited production run, out of which one-hundred & fifty-seven had its driver on the right, as in correct side whereas the rest was LHD.

Coming to terms with just how rare this 4-wheel superspecial truly is, then the aftermarket preference of the well connected owner inevitably become a misnomer of sort. As it were the performance tweaks remained more or less ‘regular’ featuring custom components affixed all about the 2 liter 4G63T; custom headers, oil catch can, custom this and custom that.

Increased need for fuel usage was answered extensively: Sard fuel regulator, Magnus fuel rail, Walbro pump et al, while heat was kept in check just as well: aluminum radiator, GME heat shield, and finally combusted fumes and gas goes out rearward through a Nur-Spec Blitz exhaust. Brain power upgrade was also done: HKS V-Pro 3.3 aided with immensely popular boost controller – the GReddy Profec. The gearbox remained as & when save for an OS Giken clutch kit.

The bulk of the aftermarket bells and whistles went direct for the Evolution VI RS2’s handling mods: DMS coilovers, Hardrace chassis tweaks, plus Cusco bars front and back. The brakes were given a couple of handy upgrades namely Project Mu rotors up front with pricey Endless CCRG pads all around plus also braided hoses.

As is apparent styling was pretty stock, except for Hankook wrapped Enkei 17 inch rims, while the conducive interior featured the requisite gauges stacks (Defi) and turbo timer (Apex-i) as well as the truly blinged out cool kill switch. The pretty decent OEM sports seats went out the bin making way for gorgeous Bride Japan carbon fiber seats.

The three-way collaboration involves SPS Spray (car paint, paint coating and polishing); Superture Motorsport (maintenance & detailing), and Dominatoz Sport (ECU tuning).


Engine mods: Custom header with Twin TIAL Wastegate, custom oil catch can with custom fuel filter, aluminium radiator with high speed fan, Magnus fuel rail, Sard fuel regulator (original), GME heat shield, custom radiator spare tank, Blitz Nur Spec exhaust, Walbro fuel pump

Lubricants: AMSOIL Engine oil, Motul transmission oil

Transmission upgrades: OS Giken clutch

Electronics: HKS V-Pro 3.3, Greddy Profec boost controller

Chassis/handling: DMS coilovers with pillow ball mount & lock, Hardrace arm and full Hardrace bushing (full Hardrace), Cusco front stabilizer with brake stopper, Cusco rear 3 point stabilizer

Brakes: Project Mu front rotor, Endless CCRG brake pads & steel braided brake hoses

Wheels & tyres: 17″ Enkei Tarmac wheels & Hankook RS3 235/45/17 tyres

Interior: DEFI DIN Meter, Apex-I turbo timer, Kill switch, Bride Japan carbon fiber seats

Tuner, modifier, detailer: SPS Spray car paint, paint coating and polishing; Superture Motorsport maintenance & upkeep, Dominatoz Sport ECU tuning

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