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New Tinted Rule. You Can Now Fully Darkened The Rear Window & Windscreen

The government announced a new vehicle tinting guideline and the rules are in line with the UN Regulation NO.43 on safety glazing materials installation on vehicles.

Under the new law, motorist can now tint their rear window and rear windscreen as dark as they want.

The front windscreen, driver and passenger side window however remain unchanged at 70% and 50% respectively for safety reasons.

Transport minister Anthony Loke said that, he will not compromise on regulations for the tinting windows at the front of the vehicle and the amendment of the law were in respond of motorist demands who want darker window to block the sun and heat from the vehicle cabin.

Vehicle owner who wants to black out their car completely may apply to do so and it will involve cost. In order to do so, you will need specific reasons such as security and health reasons.

RM50 will be charged for every application submitted and if the application is approved there will be RM5000 charged. Every approved application is valid for two years and the committee will cross checked with the police for each application to determine if the applicant have a clean record as well as no outstanding summons. However, if those applying under the health reasons, charges are exempted.

This new law will come into effect on 8th May 2019 (Wednesday) and will only apply to private vehicle including those using it for e-hailing services. Enforcement of the law will begin three months from 8th May.

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