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New Tech for Truck Tyres – Michelin X Multi Z 2

Michelin launches its latest addition to the truck tyre market, the Michelin X Multi Z 2. It is the latest addition to Michelin’s best-selling range in the East Asia and Australia region.

Key highlights of the new tyre is the implementation of three major breakthrough technologies: Regenion, Infinicoil and HT Nylon. Regenion is the differently shaped grooves that keeps the thread deformation at a minimum which lowers rolling resistance and less fuel consumption. It offers high level of grip in all weather conditions and provides 20% more longevity compared to its predecessor, the Michelin X Multi Z.

Infinicoil is the high tensile steel wire within the tyre that increases the tyre strength, reduces the risk of pressure loss and improves uneven wear. HT Nylon is a strengthened bead endurance that helps reduce tyre damage after long-distance usage and increases retreadability.

The new Michelin X Multi Z 2 is available in dimensions 11E22.5 at any Michelin authorized truck tyre dealer across the nation.

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