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Lotus Cars Malaysia has brought in the new Lotus Evora 400 – the fastest road-going Lotus in production, for the Malaysian market. An engineering marvel that exudes all the hallmarks of the iconic Lotus name, the Evora 400 portrays the very essence of the Lotus spirit of lightness and driving purity, adapting state-of-the-art technology in its very design.


Commenting on the Evora 400’s unveiling, Dato’ Abdul Harith Abdullah CEO Proton Holdings Berhad, said “We are really glad that the Evora 400 has entered the Malaysian market, it being the fastest road-going Lotus we have ever produced. Not only does this truly special Lotus deliver supercar looks, it delivers true supercar performance as well”. Indeed, the cutting edge nature of the Evora 400’s engineering design have made it possible to extract an amazing 42 kg of its predecessor’s kerb weight (at 1395 kg) and combined with its 400 hp 3.5-litre supercharged V6 engine, along with its comfortable, multi-featured cabin, the Evora 400’s performance figures of 300 km/h max speed, 4.1 seconds century sprint puts this thoroughbred Lotus right in the supercar category.


Two-thirds of the Lotus Evora 400 is new, chief among them is indeed the exquisite 3.5-litre V6 mid-mounted engine. Modifications include its reworked induction system, with a revised supercharger and a water-to-air charge-cooler that raises power to an outstanding 400 hp (406 ps). Select the first of its six, close-ratio, manual gears and the acceleration is viscerally exciting. In fact, the automatic version is even swifter off the mark, its performance sharpened by the Race setting in the Dynamic Performance Management system.


Underpinning the Evora 400 supercar is a brand new, efficient, structurally rigid and low weight extruded and bonded chassis-tub. Based on more than 60 years of Lotus racing and sportscar developments, its torsional rigidity is outstanding. As one of the strongest chassis available, it allows the suspension to work more efficiently, to provide unparalleled grip, amazing comfort, supercar dynamics and an overall balance that is totally engaging, not too mention having double the downforce over its predecessor.


And now that it is here in the Malaysian market, Lotus Cars Malaysia offers attractive promo packages including 3 years warranty, 2 years free service, one time experience at Lotus Driving Academy and automatic membership to the Lotus Official Club Malaysia. Prices starts at RM597, 999 for the base manual version up to RM653, 999 for the automatic Option 2 version.

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