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New BMW M2 Coupe Launched in Malaysia


Nothing evokes the purest sense of performance quite like a BMW M Machine. And today BMW Group Malaysia have yet again fueled our burning passion for performance in all its relentless and irresistible splendor with the introduction of the ultra compact and ultra quick BMW M2 Coupe at the most prestigious professional tennis tournament in the country – the BMW Malaysian Open.


The M2 Coupe is the newest M machines to be introduced in the Malaysian market but its heart and soul, came about from its legendary forebear – the iconic 2002 Turbo. It embodies all that BMW had envisioned as the truest and purest form of performance and dynamism in a compact and no-nonsense platform that incorporated all of the technology available at the time of the 2002 Turbo debut forty years ago. The new M2 Coupe remains true to its glorious motorsport roots in every single aspect of its design encompassing its emotive styling and its world leading advancement in performance. From its bold, sporty stance to its compact dimensions, from its exemplary chassis dynamics to its trademark cutting edge powertrain, the M2 Coupe is the truest iteration of an explosive performance car that appears destined to be an icon for years to come.


The compact nature of the M2 Coupe meant that the infusion of the M’s trademark aerodynamic enhancements to its exterior, encompassing among others those large and bold air inlets in the front bumper, flared wheelarches, air curtains, equally bold rear end, plus stylish M aesthetics such as the M kidney grille, and stylish alloys; all of which comes together to deliver a muscular and a pure sense of dynamism that radiates the truest iteration of a compact and purposeful M machine. With such eye catching aesthetic, every inch of it oozes power and hints at what resides within.


What’s within the M2 Coupe’s hood is the latest generation M TwinPower Twin Turbo technology incorporated into the superlative 3 liter six cylinder powerplant. The M TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder motor combines BMW’s Valvetronic fully variable valve control including Double-VANOS, High-Precision Injection and a TwinScroll turbocharger for a max output of 370hp and 465 Nm plus 35 Nm with the aid of the Overboost function, between 1,350 and 4,500 rpm. These numbers combined to the M2 Coupe’s compact platform enables it to clock a breathtaking 4.5 s 0 to 100 km/h reaching a top speed of 250 km/h.


With a 7-speed Drivelogic double clutch gearbox tailor made for BMW M high-revving engine, the M2’s advanced tech-laden drivetrain, with outstanding chassis capability and dynamics is guaranteed to excite even the hardiest enthusiasts, providing pure unadulterated driving experience that is the quintessential BMW M spirit through and through.


Available exclusively only in ‘Long Beach Blue Metallic’ the new M2 Coupe retails for an on-the-road price (without insurance) and inclusive of BMW Group Malaysia’s latest 5 years unlimited mileage warranty, free scheduled service program as well as BMW Tire Warranty Programme, of RM 498,800.00