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MSF 2019 Round 1 & Asia GT Festival 2019

This weekend has been a real rush indeed! With MSF 2019 Round 1 and Asia GT Festival 2019 both dominating Sepang International Circuit(SIC), petrol heads nationwide have been inundated with motorsport goodness. The social media platform exploded this weekend with numerous pictures and videos of everyone’s own take and view of the races going down at SIC. Be it from the paddocks, grandstands or your mobile phone, it really does get the blood pumping to watch race built cars go head to head and not to mention the dedicated and focused drivers.

The Asia GT Festival represents the first round of the 2019 China GT Championship and this was the first time the event was held outside of China. The double bonus came for us as our MSF boys intertwined the MSF 2019 Round 1 with the Asia GT Festival. While the Asia GT Festival had 2 races a day, MSF had 4 races per day.

Bringing back nostalgia was our very own Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir, who flagged off the Saga Cup category at the very track he launched and of the first Proton car shown to the world more than three decades ago. The loyalty us Malaysia’s have for the Proton badge is strong and shines even more in the motorsports world. Proton is bringing their A game by having four Proton X70s as the official car, medical car and safety car of MSF 2019.

Making his entrance in the ultra rare and mega Porsche GT2 RS, our 70 over year old prime minister also got the chance to ride shotgun around SIC in the sleek and aerodynamic NiO EP9 electric hyper car. Putting out over 1300hp to all four wheels while just humming, we’re sure Tun Dr Mahathir had an interesting lap of the track.

MSF 2019 Round 1 saw a tonne of teams and drivers giving their all on the track and in the pits with some remarkable outcomes! Official results are yet to be in but this year seems to be a shoe in for excitement for competitive racing.

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