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Mention Motul Lubricants and it conjures up images of exciting wheel-to-wheel track action, fender-busting mash-up, iconic names of both man and machines, as well as some of the most intense and most competitive racing in the sport. Indeed, Motul is inseparable with speed and performance at its core, and has always been synonymous with motor racing in just about every category of competition.


The Motul Driving Experience gave its participants a sweet little taste of Motul’s rich motor racing DNA – a driving experience like no other. Held at Sepang International Circuit on October 11, the Motul Driving Experience 2016 had a number of invaluable platforms for the participants to experience encompassing three major racing categories – single seater (Formula 4 cars), go-karts and silhouette cup car (Renault  Clio Cup car). Each of these categories were included to provide the participants the opportunity of experiencing full-on circuit racing experience like never before.


The day’s event started at very early in the morning with the compulsory safety briefing and a little presentation of Motul’s current product offering – with its huge line up of engine oils, transmission fluids, brake fluids, coolants, additives and many more. After the product presentation, the participants were provided full race apparels as participant safety for Motul as the organizer was the number one priority.  All prepped we were ushered to the first of the three aforementioned platforms commenced – the Formula 4 single seater driving experience.


The Formula 4 race cars is offered for the first time ever and it provides a once in a lifetime experience for the us the participants to get a feel of its incredible acceleration, superb cornering ability, and the sensation of a bonafide open wheel, single seater racing car. The F4 driving experience was simply put an eye opener for the participants – virtually a 101 course on open wheel aerodynamics. Indeed for yours truly it was pretty much a battle against my wits as I was smitten and well nigh gob-smacked by the F4’s incredible speeds through corners, its immense stopping power and the precision and accuracy of its on-track dynamics.


For the 2nd half of the day, right after we had our much needed energy replenishment, the Motul Driving Experience program recommenced with the scheduled go-kart experience. Ask any hardy car enthusiasts there is nothing more keenly anticipated than karts; and it was much the same for us that evening in Sepang. Clad in red Motul overalls we were all beside ourselves with glee, enjoying each and every second of the go-kart experience tremendously. For the go-kart session, the organizers chose an endurance format with all the contestants paired up in 2s, each needing to complete 15 minutes of race run.  Although it was all in the name of fun, the competing go-karters appeared to be well immersed in the entire experience:  each team pairing with their race discussions, which involved a pretty high degree of strategy in driver change, communication et al.


With the karting done and the day coming to an end, we were ushered back to the main paddock to experience pure unadulterated full-on hardcore hot laps in the Renault Clio Cup and for the lucky some in a race prep Ferrari. As ‘pure unadulterated’ hot laps go, the professional drivers behind the wheel of the two Clio Cup cars took to ferrying one participant at a time, and began performing flat-out track driving at race pace – pretty much no-holds-barred SIC runaround with all the bells and whistles thrown in by the unassuming professionals. They went through their full repertoire of maxed-out circuit driving skills, such as late braking, bumper to bumper and wheel fender to wheel fender racing, side by side cornering, smooth and sinewy overtaking, pretty much the works.


Having been behind the wheel of an F4 open wheel race car just earlier that morning, and having a decent go on the go-kart just moments before, there were quite a few among us participants who sincerely thought we would fare well in some honest to goodness racing.

But after only a few brief moments being strapped down with the racing harness next to the hotshot driver, and feeling the massive rush of wind as he took that 3rd – 4th gear bend (after the hairpin at the end of the pit’s straight) at impossible speeds, all my preconceived assumptions of being a race driver were shattered into a million pieces there and then.


A short debriefing ensued soon as the Clio Cup SIC hot laps experience finished, before souvenirs were being presented to the participants of the Motul Driving Experience 2016. All in all it was definitely an experience that money can’t buy. My hats off to the whole Motul team who put this together as the whole flow of the day was smooth and we really got to take in all the Motul Goodness.