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Meet Ferrari’s First Plug-In Hybrid with 985HP

Ferrari has recently announced its first ever plug-in hybrid car which is the SF90 Stradale. The car is also Ferrari’s most powerful street-legal car and the name of the car celebrates Ferrari’s 90th anniversary of the foundation of Scuderia Ferrari underscores the strong link that has always existed between Ferrari’s track and road cars. The SF90 Stradale took everything that Ferrari learned from the LaFerrari and bring it up to another level.

Ferrari has a lot of first with this car and to start things off, the SF90 Stradale is powered by a 3,990cc, 90° V8 turbo engine which derived by the F154 family engine which just recently won the International Engine of the Year award for the fourth consecutive year. This means that a V8 is the top of the range model for the first time in the marque’s history. The engine is slightly bored when compared to its previous models, the intake and exhaust system was completely redesigned and now features a new, narrower cylinder head with a central injector and the adoption of 350-bar GDI which is another first for a Ferrari V8. The engine alone produces an impressive 769 horsepower and 800Nm of torque, making it Ferrari most powerful V8 to ever rolled out but that’s not all, the SF90 get another 216 horsepower from its three electric motors.

There are three electric motors, two independent ones on the front wheels and one operating on the rear axle. If you want to drive the SF90 on its all-electric Drive mode, you might be hugely disappointed as it has a maximum of 15 miles (25 km) because the battery only holds 7.9 kWh but you do get a top speed of 135km/h and you can only reverse in the eDrive mode.

Performance numbers on this car will blow your mind away as 0-100km/h is done in 2.5 seconds and 0-200km/h will take 6.7 seconds and that is faster than what the LaFerrari can do. If you don’t lift the accelerator pedal, you’ll top out at 339 km/h.

The SF90 uses a 8-speed dual-clutch transmission which is completely redesigned with a new gear ratio and improved transmission efficiency. Despite the addition of an eighth gear and a maximum torque boost to 900 Nn, the gearbox’s overall weight is actually 7 kg lower and that figure rises to 10 kg with the elimination of the reverse gear. The new clutch’s performance is 35% higher, transmitting up to 1200 Nm in dynamic torque in gear shifts and with new-generation actuation hydraulics, the total clutch fill times is now 200 ms.

The SF90 Stradale is also the first Ferrari to get an AWD powertrain and it gets some attention on its driving dynamics thanks to a new eSCC (electronic Side Slip Control) system. While you’re driving the car to the fullest, the two motors up front will distribute torque between the front wheels and the brake system will split between regenerative and hydraulic components in order to save brake pads and charging the battery.

The SF90 Stradale uses carbon, new aluminium alloys and hollow metal castings to keep the vehicle weight down to 1,570 kg while adding extra strength as Ferrari says that the SF90 will have 20% more bending stiffness and 40% more torsional rigidity than other cars from Ferrari. However, with all the added rigidity to the body, there is an improvement in noise, vibration, harshness and dynamic handling.

There steering wheel of the SF90 Stradale house a selector called the e-Manettino which allows the driver to choose how the combustion engine works together with the electric motors. The eDrive mode will give you 135 km/h if you give it all and by default, the car will always be in Hybrid mode. In Performance mode, the petrol engine will be kept running but focuses on keeping the battery topped up while Qualify mode will give you the full power of the electric and prioritize power over battery charging.

SF90 Stradale has active aerodynamics at the rear to add downforce during hard braking and cornering. Ferrari gave the aero lots of attention because at 250km/h the car produces 390kg of downforce. There is a lot of effort in directing the airflow to the various component as it is a high-performance vehicle, heat is one thing that can’t be avoided. The rear wing is kept so stealth that at first glance it is almost unnoticeable as it is integrated into the car’s rear haunches. There is also an active component on the rear wing called the shut-off gurney which closes off the airflow underneath the wing and changes the rear downforce. Everything works automatically as it responds to the inertial sensor and inputs from the ECU.

Ferrari calls the SF90 Stradale it’s most advanced production car which is on par with their extreme sports car or even their hypercar. In the interior, there is a 16-inch full-colour screen which can be fully configured making the central instrument cluster entirely digital. There is a HUD projecting onto the windscreen and lots of buttons and controls on the steering wheel which will need time to be familiar with. The steering wheel also includes a touchpad on the right side while on the left is access to the voice control system. The SF90 Stradale also sees the debut of the new ignition key with full keyless technology which will soon be introduced across the rest of the range.

Pricing and availability are yet to be confirmed but buyers will be pleased to know that the SF90 Stradale will be a series production model and not a collector’s item like the LaFerrari despite its outstanding performance and dynamics which means it will be a lot cheaper even if it at the top of the rest of the production range. Also for the first time on a Ferrari, the clients can choose between the standard car or a more sport-oriented specification and if they choose the Assetto Fiorano specification there are quite a number of upgrades which includes a special GT racing-derived Multimatic shock absorbers, extra lightweight features made from high-performance materials such as carbon-fibre and titanium  resulting in a weight-saving of 30 kg and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 tyres.

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