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Hybrid Power House Limo – BMW 740Le XDrive Pure Excellence

Arrive to work blisteringly quick and in drinks globe comfort. That should be the tagline for BMW in selling the facelifted 7 series. Officially called the G12 740Le xDrive Pure Excellence, this CKD hunk of panache exceeds limousine expectations and thanks to EEV incentive, could be yours for just RM594,800.

This is no new platform, just a mere facelift, despite having a new engine under the hood. The previous 740Le came with a questionable 2.0L Turbocharged engine which was capable but not exactly characterful. Now, the 740Le has a proper BMW 3.0L turbocharged inline six making sure power is more than taken care of. 282hp and 450Nm of six-cylinder goodness.

Oh did I mention the 12kWh lithium-ion battery e-motor system? That would be the ‘e’ part of its name coming to play, boosting the total output up to a grand 389hp and whooping 600Nm of torque. The drivetrain is governed by BMW’s xDrive all-wheel-drive system and what this means is that your moving hotel room can do the traffic light dash in 5.1 seconds and sail to 250km/h before having the door shut by the electronic limiter. That’s plenty of poke for something that weight over 2tonnes.

While typical BMW’s get driving modes from eco to comfort to sport, the 740Le differs slightly. Here you get Sport, Adaptive, Hybrid, Electric and Battery Control. The first is what the more immature audience would prefer while Adaptive acts as a smart companion paying attention to your driving style and serving you to the best he can.

In Hybrid mode, the goal is minimal fuel consumption. To aid this, BMW calls upon multiple functions such as coasting to use as little fuel as possible unless truly necessary. This is also the default mode on startup. Electric mode speaks for itself. You can travel up to 46km on just electric mode, provided you stay below the 140kmh speed limit enforced by the system. Battery Control mode is for those who plan ahead in which case, the driver can ensure a minimum charge state in the battery for later use. For example, if you know you’re going to go to KLCC at 5pm on a Friday evening, you might wanna save up some battery juice for that trip.

Rest of the car is standard 7 series affair. We’ve become used to BMWs top notch build quality and technology. Self-leveling air suspension, BMW Laserlight, Driving Assistant Professional Package, Live Cockpit Professional, Collision & Pedestrian Warning, City Braking, Rear Collision Prevention, Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Departure Warning, there’s more but you get where this is going. Any and every piece of tech and gadget in BMW’s arsenal is in here including my personal favorite, the Intelligent Personal Assistant. Basically your own Jarvis, sort of.

The rear seats are undoubtedly where the owner is going to be spending most of his/her time and it is nothing short of an experience. Nappa leather, ambient lighting, fine wood trim, massage seats, Sky Lounge panoramic glass roof, 10-inch display screen, an armrest that controls the car and said screen. If those aren’t enough, there’s always the 16 speakers, 600 watt Harman Kardon sound system.

The exterior of the car is not mine to comment on, it is always a matter of perspective. All I can say is that BMW’s signature kidney grille has now grown. Massively. Naturally being a Plug-In Hybrid, BMW gives you a couple of options to, well, plugin. There’s the standard AC charging cable to the typical home socket, a quicker BMW Public Charging Cable via a 3-phase AC connection or ideally, the BMW iWallbox/Wallbox Plus that can fully recharge an empty battery in 4.4 hours. Option C sounds pretty darn good to me.

An executive limousine like the 740Le xDrive can’t be offered in vulgar colors so your choices are limited to Mineral White, Black Sapphire, Bernina Grey and Imperial Blue matched with either Black or Cognac Nappa Leather upholstery.

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