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G20 M340i xDrive tip toes into M3 territory

The M3 is BMW’s pride and joy. Its the one that lights up the child in you. Trickling down from the M3 though, is the M340i. It is to the G20 what the 335i was to the 3ers of the past. A hot saloon car that is is highly performance oriented but taken down a notch.

The M340i xDrive will worry most current M3 owners. Thanks to a 387hp 500Nm 3.0L turbocharged engine, it will do 0-100kmh in 4.4seconds. Though BMW likes to downplay those figures for some reason. It also comes equipped with xDrive, a rear biased four wheel drive system that lets you put the power down better without loosing the hooliganism that is BMWs trademark.


Being only second to the M3, the M340i gets an M Sport rear diff, M Sport brakes (four pot fronts), Adaptive M Sport suspension and variable sport steering. All of which help YOU drive very fast indeed and feel connected to the entire driving experience.

Visually, it is subdued I must say. Nothing flashy and particularly noticeable to differentiate the variants apart from the 19″ wheels, front lip and diffuser. It could use a more pronounced rear boot lip to accent its M-ness. The standard one is barely there.

The first thing you enjoy inside are the sublime seats. Comfy on the backside but firm on the shoulder rolls. Additional to the touchscreen infotainment and instrument display is a Head Up Display. The audio system is, thankfully, bumped up to a 16-speaker Harman Kardon kit.

Space is not an issue, unlike in the F30. Rear passengers will be able to sit comfortably, though its probably most fit as a 4 seater but you can take 5 with some adjustments. Leg room is no longer a problem, plus you get cool M seat belts to look at while you’re driving. Yay.

You’d be safe in there as well thanks to all the Assistants and Warnings helping you to park and cruise.

Now the big question is, with a price tag of RM403k, is this the bargain of the century over the incoming M3? I mean, its going to be nearly double this price.

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