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BHPetrol Cerah Ceria 2019 at SK Kementah

BHPetrol has worked tirelessly on efforts to raise road safety awareness among primary school children for quite some time now. For the 10th consecutive year, BHPetrol has spread the interest and focus of the local community in the central of Kuala Lumpur, therefore, this year’s road safety awareness programme was held in SK Kementah Kuala Lumpur.

The programme was carried out on 9th October 2019 and attended by over 1000 students for the various road safety activities which complement the current road safety education curriculum taught in schools. This road safety awareness programme is part of BHPetrol’s Corporate Social Responsibility and it focuses on the importance of being visible on the road.

The Cerah Ceria programme has travelled extensively within Peninsular Malaysia since it was emanated in 2010 benefitting thousands of primary school children. The programme focuses on the visibility stems of the young children as they are physically small and not visible to the drivers in particular drivers of huge vehicles. It is also important that the children are equipped with essential road safety skills and knowledge. The program is named ‘Cerah Ceria Bersama BHPetriol’ and it uses firefly as the icon of its road safety to convey the message to adults and children that despite its size, it is bright and visible from afar.

The program consists of nine activities which help the children to understand the importance of being visible and practising safe behaviours on the road. The activities include stopping distance of vehicles, five steps to cross safely, physical limitations, wearing bright clothing and cycling safely conducted by BHPetrol employees.

This year, the Federal Territory’s Director of Road Safety Department, Encik Azharul Izwan Puaadi addressed the students on the importance of being safe on the roads and following traffic rules. The event was also attended by Encik Fardzi Shah Razali, General Manager, Operations and HSSE of Boustead Petroleum Marketing Sdn Bhd, Leftenan Kolonel Azizul bin Abdul Kadir, Kem Kementah Commanding Officer.

General Manager, Operations and HSSE of Boustead Petroleum Marketing Sdn Bhd. Encik Fardzi Shah Razali said “Over the last 10 years, we have continuously inculcated the importance of safety amongst the school children through “Cerah Ceria Bersama BHPetrol” programme. We hope the activities organized have increased the students’ understanding to become more cautious towards their safety at all times.“

The programme is warmly received as an essential part of the children’s learning and educational process as it has created a lasting impression in the minds of young students, parents and teachers. BHPetrol firmly believes that the programme develops these young minds to be more conscientious in practising safe behaviours on the road as it contributes significantly towards reducing road deaths and injuries among primary school children.

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