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Bangkok Auto Salon 2019

Do you know what Thailand is? Thailand is that neighbor who has a brand new car every couple of years, a home makeover every five years, and the worlds hottest wife. Oh, how envious we are of our well-endowed neighbor. They always get the good stuff! And this year Bangkok Auto Salon was their chance to strut their stuff and flaunt their assets.

Bankok Auto Salon represents the world of modification and sales put together. Here, people come to display their prized possession and potentially find buyers for them at profitable prices. Consider it as a high-key garage sale.

Words don’t do it justice but I’ll give it my best shot. Thailand being Thailand, the majority of cars present were JDM vehicles. The country represents a haven for tuners and this was the best way to show it. Pick up trucks, Kei cars, ultra rare JDM classics? Yes, Yes and YES! Simply biblical on the eyes. Some these cars, like the Lexus RCF race car, almost never see the light of day, but here it was in all its glory.

The show area outside the arena represented a plethora of Honda’s. Most of em were from the B-series era, however. Not that we’re complaining. If anything, this Auto Salon gives us petrolheads ideas and motivation to trick out our own vehicles. Makes the world go round.

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