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Another proud & successful Hankook Master Dealer

Remy & Tan of VII Tech Auto Termeloh, Pahang

Over the course of 2015 we have featured a number of Tire shops that were inducted into the rather select Hankook Master Dealer Program – a superbly organized and coordinated partnership scheme between the renowned Korean tire manufacturer and its network of dealers located throughout Malaysia.

The Hankook Master Dealer Program has been proven to be among the most successful program of its kind here in the country. Between Hankook Tyres Malaysia and their Master Dealers, long term relationships have been established and have seen the dealers themselves become success stories in their own right.

Termeloh-based VII Tech Auto Tyre Service Centre – owned by two good friends Remy Hoe Yan Chen & Tan Kong Soon, is an excellent example of the many success stories the Hankook Master Dealer have endorsed and supported. As we have done in the past, Hypertune spoke to both Remy and Tan recently as part of our concurrent feature of Hankook Tyres Malaysia Master Dealer Program.

Shop outlook

Here’s an extract of the brief chat we had with the two co-owners of VII Tech Auto Tyre Service Centre:

Q1. If I’m an interested customer looking for a new set of tyres for my car, how would you go about convincing me to go for Hankook tyres? In other words what are the most important qualities (selling points) of Hankook tyres?

VII Tech Auto: Well, we have rightly seen for ourselves the growing reputation and popularity of Hankook Tyres not just here in Malaysia but internationally as well. It goes without saying the major brand recognition Hankook Tyres currently enjoys came from its unquestionable quality, its impressive performance; its considerable offerings of different tyre models and types, and last but by no means the least, the customer satisfaction that invariably comes from any purchase of Hankook tyres, the rewarding value for money inasmuch.

Q2. What market segment, as in what type of vehicles has the bulk of your tyre sales catered for? Is it SUVs or medium-sized family cars or premium luxury cars or others? And which Hankook line of tyre is the most popular? Also what is the top-of-the-line Hankook tyre available?

VII Tech Auto: We have pretty much kept up with the trends right here smack in the middle of Pahang; inasmuch as the highest percentage of our tyre sales, it is mainly medium-sized compacts and family cars for the most part. The market is pretty much similar to other semi-urban localities in the peninsular, with medium compacts being the majority with a small percentage of premium and luxury cars. As for our Hankook offering, the most popular line is surely the KINERGY EX line – Hankook’s primary line for medium family cars. Of course, we have readily available Hankook’s internationally renowned Ventus V2 Concept2 series as well.

Q3.How has the experience been for you being a Hankook Master Dealer?

VII Tech Auto: since we started our business all those years ago, we have gone through the best of times and also sometimes the times when things weren’t so good. We have indeed come a long way since we started out and at this very moment, to be part of the Hankook Master Dealer, to be in amongst a rather select group appointed by Hankook Tyres Malaysia, and to have a long term collaborative working relationship with professionally trained Hankook executives and engineers, we are extremely honored. It is something that we are truly proud of. 

Q4. What do you think the advantages of being a Hankook Master Dealer compared to a ‘regular’ dealer?

VII Tech Auto: well, apart from being provided continuous technical support, Hankook also ensures that our technical team is kept up to speed as per the entire a-to-z spectrum pertaining to automobile tires. The close and accessible nature of these full-fledge Hankook professionals makes things very convenient for me and my staffs. We also get trip programs plus other additional incentives as a Hankook Master Dealer.

Q5. How has being a Hankook Master Dealer benefited your customers?

VII Tech Auto: since we deal directly with Hankook Tire (M) Sdn Bhd, we would get faster access to the latest tyre update, faster response as per tyre claims and any new promotions. Also from our training, we would be able to give more professional advices and services which symbolize the exacting levels of quality services only Hankook Master Dealers may provide. And oh! The amazing warranty inasmuch as Hankook tire provides are simply the icing on the cake for our customers.

Q6. What sort of promotions do you have planned for the next couple of months?

VII Tech Auto: For the coming school holidays, VII Tech Auto Tyre Service Centre will be giving away a multitude of free gifts suited for the numerous seasonal periods. For instance this coming school holidays, we are giving away trendy and handy school bags; for the inevitable monsoon season VII Tech Auto shall be handing out umbrellas and other similar gifts. As for the major festive seasons we shall also be giving away amazing gifts including kitchen sets, numerous mug sets as such.

Q7. Do you have any last words or remarks that you might wish to share with our readers?

VII Tech Auto: To all you city dwellers, the next time you’re driving through the charming town of Termeloh, why don’t you pay us a visit, we firmly intend to impress you as we have always impressed our long time customers, by virtue of simply being extraordinary.

Remy & Tan’s VII Tech Auto Tyre Service Centre is located at: JalanBahagia 9, Taman Bahagia 28000 Termeloh, Pahang Malaysia.

Owner Left - REMY HOE YAN CHEN & Owner Right - TAN KONG SOON