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A chat with another successful Hankook Master Dealer

Our concurrently running coverage on the Hankook Master Dealer program continues. We have recently featured a series of interviews pertaining to the local tire market –its distributors and its dealers as such. As we can unanimously agree on, the tire market is one of the most important aspects of the car business, and it directly affects the end user, that’s you and me.

The Hankook Master Dealer Program has been proven to be among the most successful program of its kind here in the country. Between Hankook Tires Malaysia and their Master Dealers, long term relationships have been established and have seen the dealers themselves become success stories in their own right.

One such Hankook Master Dealer is located at the suburbs of KL, Sungai Besi to be exact. Acanta Autotech Sdn. Bhd. has been doing a brisk business in car tires. You can see on the pictures right here the AE86 parked right up front with Acanta’s stickers placed prominently along its sides.


We spoke recently with the owner of Acanta Autotech Sdn. Bhd. Mr Chu Boon Poi.  Here’s an extract from the casual chat cum interview we had with him:

Q1. If I’m an interested customer looking for a new set of tires for my car, how would you go about convincing me to go for Hankook tires? In other words what are the most important qualities (selling points) of Hankook tires?

Mr Chu:  Safety is priority in tires business, in these few years Hankook continues to invest in their R&D and produce top notch tires that are able to compete with other top tire brands and even exceeded the competitors’ product quality. Beside that Hankook Tires also offer tires that are extremely good in terms of comfort, with low noise as well as being excellent in the dry and wet grip performance. The quality consistency is also very good.

Q2. What market segment, as in what type of vehicles has the bulk of your tire sales catered for? Is it SUVs or medium-sized family cars or premium luxury cars or others? And which Hankook line of tire is the most popular? Also what is the top-of-the-line Hankook tire available?

Mr Chu: We sell many segments of tires covering small passenger cars, SUV, 4×4, premium luxury sport cars to motorsport application. Lately Hankook Ventus V12 EVO2 (K120) Ultra High Performance tires do get very good feedback from medium to high end passenger car segments for its grip performance and comfort level. We also have the latest Hankook Ventus S1EVO2 that was just introduced by Hankook Malaysia. We also sell a lot of the Ventus RS3 Z222 (Extreme UHP tires) and Ventus TD Z221 (Semi slick tires) for sport cars and track.

Q3.How has the experience been for you being a Hankook Master Dealer?

Mr. Chu: As Hankook Master Dealer we do get all sorts of information on the tire market in Malaysia and trends happening worldwide from Hankook. Training and support provided to our staffs by Hankook Tire also comes in handy to help serve our customers better.

Q4. What do you think the advantages of being a Hankook Master Dealer compared to a ‘regular’ dealer?

Mr. Chu: Priority of tire models allocation, for example only Hankook Master Dealers are given the privileges of selling the top of the range Hankook tire (Hankook Ventus S1EVO2), as well as support given in terms of customer promotion activities; besides the market information updates are more frequent so that we can make adaptation in our business operation according to the market demands as such.


Q5. How has being a Hankook Master Dealer benefited your customers?

Mr. Chu:  We get training directly from Hankook for our technicians as it were and with that training we are able to serve our customers better with the additional knowledge acquired from time to time.

Q6. What sort of promotions do you have planned for the next couple of months?

Mr Chu: Most of the promo that we have planned is more on value added considerations for our customers. We’ll have said offering coming soon, with tire purchase from which our customers are able to enjoy savings on their vehicle services. We also provide free check for our customers that service their vehicles with us. Customers can check our Facebook page and Instagram for more promotion. (Acanta Autotech)

Q7. Do you have any last words or remarks that you might wish to share with our readers?

Mr Chu: We like to reiterate that customers’ safety is our priority, and we like to remind the readers to never neglect the safety aspects of their vehicles. We highly recommend using high quality tires and products that Hankook offers. Thanks!

There you have it folks, another full-fledged Hankook Master Dealer.  Mr Chu is one the nicest fellas you can ever hope to meet, and you simply could not begrudge him his successful tire business