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2020 Honda City RS Electrocutes Its Rivals

Well sort of. Here’s the key figure Honda is etching into our minds: 253Nm of Torque. That is a remarkable figure for a non turbocharged car of the segment no doubt. That particular figure is just 2Nm shy of the Proton X50 Flagship.  Let’s dive into the all new, worldwide first, Honda City RS i-MMD or RS e:HEV…. I’ll just call it the City RS thank you.

The City RS gets TWO motors, 1 electric and 1 internal combustion, making it a hybrid. The electric motor powers the car while the internal combustion engine charges up the electric motor, like a generator. The electric motor puts put 109PS and 253Nm of torque by itself and is sent to the wheels via a direct-drive single speed transmission. That’s right, no tradition gearbox here. Tesla vibes?

While the City RS is a hybrid per say but its leaning more towards an electric vehicle due to how the i-MMD system applies the technology. The electric motor gets the job done most of the time thanks to it mountain of torque and INSTANT power delivery. The 1.5L petrol (98hp & 127NM) engine only kicks in to charge the motor or power the wheels for high speed cruising. It’s more of a gentle boost when necessary and then shuts off back to EV power. Thanks to the dual motor setup, the car weighs in at 1,246kg and has a 409L boot while the normal City gets a 519L boot. Also, no spare tyres here sorry.

i-MMD stands for Multi-Mode Drive. The on board system will alternate between 3 driving modes EV Drive, Hybrid Drive & Engine Drive as it sees fit. An added gizmo you have is the Deceleration Selector Paddles that simulates dropping a gear to slow the car down while power regeneration. Engine braking for those who don’t speak EV. The RS is the only variant to get an electronic parking brake (no handbrake turns for you) and disc brakes all round. Because RS!

In terms of looks, the RS gets sporty angles and cuts all around the grille, front lip, rear bumper + diffuser and rear boot as well. Along with that, you will also get new LED Headlights, tailights, and DRLs to further accent its modern-ness. Also it looks a lot like a shrunken Honda Accord.  The RS will be the only variant to be equipped with the full Honda Sensing package and all the accompanying safety sensors and equipment.

Inside, the RS gets a 7″ TFT instrument cluster, 8-inch infotainment system, red stitching accents to remind you that you’re in the RS and fancier “Ultrasuede” seats.

Honda is yet to announce the price since the car will only be available in January of 2021. You have 5 colors to choose from, Passion Red Pearl and Platinum White Pearl seems to be catching my eye.

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