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2020 Honda City Beats Its Rivals To The Showroom – RM75k to RM87k

October has been a pretty hectic month for B-Segment vehicles in Malaysia, but the evergreen Power Of Dreams boys are first to the showrooms with the 5th Gen Honda City. Buyers have 4 variants to choose from. 3 of which are readily available while the range topping, most anticipated, City RS will only drop in January 2021.

The variants offered are S, E, V and RS. They are in ascending order as are the prices. RM74,191, RM81,664 and RM86,651 respectively.  The RS has no official price yet and will be announced closer to the launch in January of 2021. Probably to make sure the lower specs get their fair share of the market as well. Anyhow, let’s dive into the 2020 Honda City.

Sitting on a completely new platform, not just a facelift, the Honda City gets a brand new 1.5L DOHC engine with a unsurprising 121PS and 145Nm of torque. The S, E and V variant will all use the exact same engine mated to a CVT transmission. The 0-100kmh time is 10.2 seconds for the S and E but the heavier V will need 10.4 seconds to complete it. So the more expensive model is a teeny bit slower but that’s because it heavier from the larger spec sheet.

The 5th Gen City is larger in all dimensions except height where it is 10mm shorter than its predecessor. That ought to hurt the sport spring aftermarket scene a teeny bit. Inside, everything you see and touch is new. From speedo to air condition controls, its all redesigned with a touch of class. I like the new interior, I think it appeals to a more “grown up” buyer.

All variants apart from the S will get a new 8-inch infotainment unit, seems to be far better than the existing one thank god, while the RS will be the sole variant with a 7-inch TFT Instrument cluster. Apart from that, they are identical. Seats and safety features will vary according to trim level while, once again, the RS will be the only one to get Honda Sensing. To put it in other words, the RS is the full roti canai banjir while the others are plain old chapatis.

You may notice that I havent gone into full detail about the highly excitable RS variant with 253NM. Well wait for it, I’m reserving a solo write up on that one. Till then, head to your nearest Honda showroom and check out the City in the metal.

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