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Visual Serenity – Serene Cheng

I have always believed that, there’s always a correlation between a person and their given names, albeit to a varying degree from one to the other. Their physical attributes aside, they reaffirmed themselves as per what their parents wish for them when they were born.

Of course for the most part names in western culture have no apparent meaning. They sound nice and that’s that. I guess the best way for me to elaborate this in a manner pertinent to our cover babe this issue is by using that age old, well proven method of a basic example. Let us take the given name of ‘Bruce’ (so chosen since I don’t know any Bruce here, meaning there’d be little chance of me offending anyone I suppose). Yeah well, there’s that name Bruce, which as far as I know has no meaning whatsoever. Clear so far? I guess.

Now in our local culture particularly the Malays, most have names that originated in Arab, which has the most meaningful names in any culture. Sure, we tend to mess with the correct Arabic pronunciation in our unique local mannerisms ands all, which inevitably rendered them meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but that is yet another unique essence of our culture.

Still we also have our lovely cover girl right here whose name seemed spot on with her own mannerisms, her own personality and all. Indeed Serene Cheng embodied all the inherent meaning of the word serene – looking calm and peaceful and tranquil in her own expressive way.

Of course it goes without saying that she is hot, as in sizzling hot, but sort of on the flipside, Serene is also a picture perfect depiction of serenity in all its pacifying splendor, an organic manifestation of the concept.

Photos: Kenny Yeoh & Dennis Lhy

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