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Touched by an Angel

Belonging to the current generation of young, active and beautiful, Angel has to her credit an impressive list of experiences worthy of her Oriental beauty. When prompted for her personal dossier she was only too happy to oblige, and sure enough, we were undoubtedly impressed.

And what might you wonder had we being ‘undoubtedly impressed’ with; yeah well, her wealth of experiences (herein we provide the categories only, as for each of them there’s like at least twenty entries): Online Game + Game Show Girl, Car / Auto / Audio Show, Runway / Catwalk, Event + Showgirl / BA, Usher, Flyer Girl, experiences as per Photo-shoot and Stage shows as such. How could you not be impressed?

An energetic and bubbly 25 years young lady, with sumptuous curves I might add, Angel Low (her given nickname as it were) professed to being a “typical Taurus, I’m a genuine foodie and I simply love travel.” Don’t we all?

Over at her FB page (for which we recommend you start your search engines right this minute) Angel had posted a number of phrases in Cantonese which we deemed only proper to translate for this feature, as per her ‘general info’: Can’t live with the same life only willing to die and die forever; Even if memory disappears, love will eventually stay.

And we’ll round things up with her deep and wise words: “Not a fan group, but you have more friends and relatives because of your participation. I’m not a celebrity, but I’m willing to be a person you know. Do you know why your gaze are set far ahead? In order to move forward! Do not look back. Always work for tomorrow!”

Name: Angel Low
D.O.B: May 1, 1993
Vital Stats: 33B-24-33
Dress Size: S
Height: 166cm
Weight: 45kg

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