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The Delectable Julie Hoi

Julie Hoi graces Hypertune’s pages once again, this being her third appearance. After taking the Ms. Hypertune crown back in 2004, Julie has been keeping herself quite busy with hosting TV shows, modeling and advertisements while being a full time student at Metropolitan College where Julie is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Business in Finance and Economics.

Here’s a few questions that she answered for us over a telephone interview:

Hypertune (HT): So, Julie, what are you driving right now?
Julie Hoi (JH): A Honda Accord.
HT: Nice, so what is you current dream car?
JH: Hmm…I don’t know really…there’re just so many to choose from… *long pause*…Oh! I know! A Mercedes AMG SL 55!
HT: Excellent choice, that is a GREAT car. Here’s a personal question: what do you look for in a man?
JH: *Giggles* Well…he has to be a funny and makes me laugh all the time and not egotistical, I hate that. He also has to be intellectual, articulate, someone who is good at communicating with others.
HT: Hmm…I’d like to think I’m a pretty funny guy… *awkward silence*…So anyway, what are your current hobbies and interests?
JH: Ah, my hobbies. Well, I’m beginning to get into a lot of extreme stuff, like parasailing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, – I LOVE parasailing – and I would love to try parachuting and also bungee jumping. I basically like to do anything that has to do with water.
HT: Yikes, quite a wild one aren’t ya?
JH: *Giggles* Yeah, you could say that.
HT: Well, thanks for your time, Julie and have a great weekend.
JH: You too!


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