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Snappy Young and Pretty

Joey grows up in a family full of brothers surround so you could imagine a number of things for our model of the month – for one thing you do not want to mess around with her, that name she goes by might be more than just a name, you know what I mean?

Nah of course you don’t she’s simply gorgeous and we’ll leave it at that. Currently she’s taking a course to be a hairstylist, and Joey chanced upon a modeling gig for a friend of hers. She seemed to dig it, and the rest as they say is history.

Her job as a freelance dancer does have some sway into her current modeling profession, which allows her to move lithely as she takes centre stage. However as gorgeous a centerpiece as Joey undoubtedly is, she is in it for fun and in her own words ‘not taking it too serious’. Joey can also cook her mom’s dishes, which ultimately makes her a woman for all season.

I mean let us talk semantics here: she’s a model, a beautiful woman, she dances, she cooks, she can also style your hair! Wouldn’t tale her the ideal woman? What you want her to tick more boxes? What else is there?

Oh okay she hates absolutely hates cockroaches! So much so that her most embarrassing moment had her screaming for help when a cockroach crept her legs! There you go.

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