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Smooth Like Butter

Our main model for this volume is non other than the charming Elise Tee. She grew up in Kuala Lumpur but stayed with her grandparents at Perak for a couple of years before her pre-school started. She grew up with running around with chicken and ducks and watering green plants at her grandparents home garden which as a child really instill a lot of good memories to her.

Elise is currently 23 years old and she was born on 19th December. She is 170cm tall and has a vital stats of 34/25/36. Currently she is a social media influencer and freelance model. Lucky for us we manage to persuade her to become our cover girl! Elise was actually an accountant specialising in auditing before the started modelling and it all started because she enjoys being on the screen of a picture and the camera flash going off while she is being photograph.

In 2018, Elise was a finalist of Miss Chipao Malaysia and won the title of Ms. Popularity. However she hinted that modeling won’t be a long term plan for her as she found her interest in the beauty line specialising in eyebrow microblading. If anyone who wants to get themselves a pair of nice eyebrow, definitely look for her and experience her magic touch.

Moving on slightly to her private life, she told us that she is a very home person as she enjoy spending time at home reading novels, watching drama and online shopping. Besides that she love to go to the gym and sweat herself out. We wish we could taste her cooking because she can definitely make a good bowl of soup or a plate of yummy fried rice. Her expertise in cooking is definitely soft boil eggs as she take about 8 eggs daily during her gym days if she do not drink protein shake.

Her perfect weekend of relaxation is to check in to a nice retreat resort and dip herself in a warm bathtub while reading novel and honestly we don’t think there could be any better way of relaxing during the weekend.

Being a car magazine, we definitely have to ask if she like cars and to our pleasure she is a car lover just like all of us. She enjoy speed and is lucky enough to actually get a taxi ride with World Record Drift Holder, Masato Kawabata few months ago and can never forget the feeling while she is in the car drifting with him. She also enjoy roadtrip and driving on the highway especially when there’s little to no cars around. Elise is into smaller cars like the MINI Cooper, Volkswagen Beetle and the A250 sport.

There you have it guys! Our cover girl for this month Elise Tee!

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