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Kiss from a Rose!

Rosezarin was born in Thai’s Phangnga province in southern Thailand, bordering the Andaman Sea on the west coast of the Malay Peninsula. Her parents’ beachside home meant that Reen has a natural affinity for nature.

Before talent scouts discovered her Rosezarin studied at the Prince of Songkhla University right up until she reached the tender age of 20, whence the Reddot modelling agency in Thailand approached her for a modelling gig in Hat Yai. Sure enough Reen was immediately hooked.

She counts singing as her ‘other’ talents aside from modeling; and what’s more she can sing fluently in five different languages namely Chinese, English, French, Arabic and of course in her own lingua franca Thai.

She pictures trekking up the Northern part of Thailand for a couple of nights of outdoor excursion as her idea of a perfect weekend of relaxation, which lead us nicely onto this next ‘inquiry’: Are you an all-out party girl or are you more into a relaxed and laidback chilling out with friends type of person? She’s anything but a party goer, she responded, much preferring a relaxed chilling out settings.

Reen’s adorable reply when asked the all important ‘are you attached?’ question, went something like, “No I am not, I am beautiful and am very single (laughs)”
Her playful laughter had her semi-petite figure casually swaying – a full-bodied unpretentious kind of laugh, a pretty rare occurrence these days let me tell ya!

Rosezarin continued giggling for a bit following her ‘sweet as sin’ effeminate laughter, and then we begin a ‘quick-fire Q&A’ to which Reen responded cheerfully without so much as a whisker of ‘fake cordialness’.

You absolutely gotta love her!

Name: Rosezarin
DOB: 22 January
Height: 167
Weight: 46
Vital stats: 34-25-35
Place of birth: Phangnga Thailand

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