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Jaquee of All Financial Trades

I don’t know really but for some reason her name reminds me of that French Canadian (or is it Canadian French or Frenchnadian or maybe even Canch) the guy who almost epitomize the “he came he saw and he conquered” cliché. The inordinately cocky fella who sure as hell came into his own due to a massive conduit as per his legendary famous father, but made it pretty darn clear to everyone that they’re two very different men his father and him.

Ring any bells yet? Gotten any ‘eureka’ moment? Know anything bout what I’m goin on about? You can’t care less? or more to the point, how come we’re going on and on about some daddy issues when we clearly have one already juicy matter at hand right here? I mean we have beckoning us along the lovely and adorable Jaquee right here, though I would be remiss if I’d not point out the guy in which I open this narrative with, if you hadn’t already know. Duh, yeah well granted he belonged to an ‘earlier’ generation whereas his late father even earlier.

Well, in any case, Jaquee here a girl born and bred in KL and she’s an effervescent 21 years young model freelancing about at the moment before she sets about sojourning towards her destiny – being a financial planner no doubt planning finances and all that complicated profit and loss situation which often involves some dizzying sequence of zeros.

You’d bet that her cheery, carefree and “unique, happy and friendly” (her own self description) character merits her inevitable rise soon as she steps into the ‘dog eat dog world’ of finance. Of course her alluring looks and sensual disposition wouldn’t hurt her even in the slightest. Somehow you can readily see that Jaquee knows what matters in life and knows full well how to take care of herself.

She’s the sort that has what it takes to do what her heart wilt.

Name: Jaquee Lee
Birthday: 21/10/1995
Height: 168cm
Vital Stats: 32C-24-35
Place of Birth: Kuala Lumpur

Instagram: @iam_jaquee

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