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Fixated on Pixxie Goh

Born and bred in the heart of the Klang Valley Pixxie Goh has one of those ‘where have I seen her before’ faces. I mean one moment you could’ve sworn she was that sultry hottie in that fabulously masculine commercial then the next you’d figure her to be the pretty lass wearing reading glasses sitting next to you totally riveted to her ‘Guide to the Human Anatomy’ hardcover.

Anyway Pixxie has climbed up to notch number one on our book not because she’s a babe, I mean they’re all babes these days are they not? Well why Miss Pixxie who is also a former Miss Scuba Malaysia 2016 has shot up to notch one was that she’s the first cover girl to answer our hyper elusive & ultra insightful ‘what’s your most embarrassing moment’ query in quite some time.

Well Pixxie had no qualms about answering it, not one iota of bashfulness. Pixxie coolly answered in a manner that makes you just wanna tickle her just to hear her giggle. She answered: there was this one time (not at band camp) I was in a car racing event, so I was checking myself out on my makeup and my uniform, with a tinted car window without realizing somebody is actually inside the car, looking at me checking myself out.

Isn’t that just adorable? And here are more juicy things for you guys to ponder: her ideal man needs to be intelligent and responsible with no particularly discernable references to looks. And just to get you would-be suitors scrambling for your fancy handhelds Pixxie has left the part about ‘are you attached?’ question blank.

Name: PixXie Goh
DOB: 5 Feb 1993
Age: 24
Height: 167cm
Weight: 45kg
Vital stats: 33 24 35
Place of birth: KL

Instagram: @pixiegoh

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