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Yellow But Not Mellow

It’s difficult to discount the Honda Civic regardless of the motorsport discipline; except maybe for drifting. From a street slayer to a track toy and everything in between, there’s almost nothing the Civic hasn’t already been prepped for or can’t be made to do.

Such is its curriculum vitae that can pretty much handle any and everything thrown its way. That would also be the reason behind its undiminishing popularity in the tuning circles.

You’re a petrolhead that’s just dipping your toes into the tuning world? A Civic is one of the best platforms. Want something to turn into a dedicated track toy? Once again, the Civic works with its featherweight mass and abundance of parts. Weekend toy? Most definitely.

So what’s the Civic EG5 featured here been transformed into? Well it’s actually pretty easy to notice the roll-cage and lack of registration plates. So this is one of the ultimate incarnations of a Civic… a no holds-barred track toy.

How did it go about earning that title? Well for starters, it has one of the finest naturally-aspirated engines of its time, the B18CR, that is held in place by Hasport mounts.

Usually, that powerplant alone would be enough for some serious fun, especially in it’s stripped out shell that would put anorexia activists into a bleeding rage. However, to handle the unforgiving brutality of a circuit, the head has been treated to a pair of Skunk2 Pro camshafts with adjustable cam pulleys to tune them in.

The bottom end has been treated to some 82mm Wiseco pistons and that’s about it. Air enters the engine from the Mugen airbox before it mixes with the fuel delivered by an AEM fuel rail and AEM fuel pressure regulator that are fed by a Walbro fuel pump and ignited by iridium spark plugs.

Exhaust gases flow out of a custom 4-2-1 extractor. Cooling is improved by a larger Integra DC2 radiator and Samco silicone hoses for durability.

On the transmission side, a complete set of Spoon gear ratios work with a Spoon LSD to improve the acceleration. Given the extent of its enhancements, a beefed up single plate clutch would suffice but the demanding life of a track vehicle mandated a Competition Clutch twin-plate clutch set to be on the safe side.

Governing all the engine’s operating variables is one of the best and easiest ECUs for a Honda, the Hondata.

When it comes to the ride and handling of a vehicle, getting the basics right is the most important step. That means the springs and dampers. With imitation or inferior dampers, all the adjustable arms and bars in the world won’t save you.

One of the best suspension money can buy is Ohlins and that is exactly what you’ll find under the strut towers of this Civic. Complementing the Ohlins are Hardrace upper arms, a front strut bar, a rear strut bar and the seven-point roll-cage that is bolted into the floor.

The EG Civic weighs about as much as that turd you just ejected from your behind while reading this magazine on the throne so the braking department is one of the most relaxed divisions in the company. Some larger Integra DC2 calipers were fitted with Nisin brake pads and have so far handled the abuse steadily.

One of the most iconic wheels of the 90s is the Weds Sport TC05. They look fantastic in any size and on any car, especially in the signature white. Here, they measure 15×7 with an offset of +32 and are wrapped in asymmetrical Kumho Ecsta V720 semi slicks in a 195/55R15 sizing all around.

All creature comforts are not needed in the focused office of a track vehicle. So the interior was completely stripped out, including the carpets and sound-proofing. A suede-wrapped OMP steering wheel, Integra DC2 dashboard, Type-R gear knob and a pair of Recaro SPG seats with Sabelt racing harnesses remain. The essentials… essentially.

Black and yellow go well together, as Wiz Khalifa rapped. So the yellow paintjob on the newer Civic EG6 body parts is offset by the black front lip, spoiler and Spoon side-view mirror that are all from Spoon.

If you have any problems with this particular Civic, you may lodge a complaint only if you can catch up with it on the track. Otherwise, just save it.

Honda Civic EG5

B18 CR, Skunk2 Pro camshafts, adjustable cam pulleys, Wiseco 82mm pistons, Mugen airbox, AEM fuel rail, AEM fuel pressure regulator, Walbro fuel pump, 4-2-1 extractor, iridium spark plugs, Integra DC2 radiator, Samco silicone hoses, Hasport engine mounts

Spoon gear ratios, Spoon LSD, Competition Clutch twin-plate clutch set


Suspension & Chassis
Ohlins HLSH, Hardrace upper arm, front strut bar, rear strut bar, seven-point roll-cage

Integra DC2 calipers, Nisin brake pads

Wheels & Tyres
Weds Sport TC05 15x7jj +32, Kumho Ecsta V720 195/55R15

Integra DC2 dashboard, OMP steering wheel, Type-R gear knob, Recaro SPG seat, Sabelt racing harness

Civic EG6 body parts, Spoon front lip, Spoon spoiler, Spoon side-view mirror

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