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Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing

For most drivers on the road, you have your run of the mill passenger cars. For those who want a little more luxury, there are cars like the E-Class and 5 Series and A6. For those who want a lot of power, there are things like the E63 AMG, M5 and RS6.

But what about the small percentage of people who aren’t satisfied with the 6.2 litre V8 motor, the kind of people, that for some bizarre reason, feel 518 horsepower is just not enough, the kind of people that just want to leave the line with the tyres throwing up plumes of smoke, to the disbelief of bystanders.

Well, it’s not that a standard E63 can’t take off at a traffic light with the tyres lit up, but it always pays to have a little bit more power than the other guy. That’s where Brabus comes in with their B63 S kit. Brabus have toyed with many Mercedes-Benz models, offering a line-up of cars that rival the 3-pointed star themselves. The B63 S package was originally made for the C63 AMG, released in 2008. But seeing as the internals of the C63 and the E63 are the same, it was only a matter of time before Brabus decided to use the same tuning package on the E63.

The package is quite extensive- enough to make the B63 S E-Class a car of its own. Since we’re talking more power, we’ll start off with the engine. The 6.2 litre V8 unit is featured in numerous AMG models, even up to the SLS AMG. It is a little bit overkill when you pit it against the BMW and Audi equivalents, and at times it feels as if all Mercedes really did was put a big engine in a car and uprated the transmission to handle it. But that’s not really true- there’s quite a bit of work that goes into a car to make it capable of handling that additional power (and more importantly, all that extra torque). There are additional stresses on the body and chassis to consider, which is what makes AMG so good at their job.

Brabus started off by letting the big block breathe a little better. This comes in the form of high-flow air filters, which allow for better intake and a stronger air charge. On the opposite end of the engine, Brabus swapped out the regular exhaust system for a set that is freer-flowing and has a sports cat as well. To top this all off, Brabus used a new ECU to bump the 518 horses up to 555, which in turn brought the century sprint time down to a mere 4.3-seconds. Brabus eliminates the factory-installed speed limiter, giving you a top speed of roughly 320 km/h, which should allow you to cover long distances on sweeping highways in a relatively short time. All of this is mated to the 7-speed AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT transmission, which is really just Mercedes’ dual clutch unit that’s found in the 2011 facelifts of the C63 AMG. This offers more torque and power, as well as quicker shift times over the previous 7G-Tronic conventional automatic transmissions.

What’s interesting about European tuners is that most of their modifications cannot compromise emission regulations. This comes as a result of the emission laws in Europe, where they test your car during inspections to see if your car is complying with the rules. Some countries even tax you according to emissions, so if you decide to go all out and remove a catalytic converter completely, you run the risk of heavy fines or high taxes. In any case, it’s bad for business. So Brabus made sure that their customers wouldn’t be breaking the banks by carefully adjusting the exhaust system for better flow, without increasing the waste emissions by completely removing the catalytic converter. And even though the ECU does push the power up a fair amount, it doesn’t get to the point where trees will shrivel as you pass by.

Germans are not known for outspoken looks or radical style, and Brabus is no different. There’s nothing on the exterior to suggest that this E63 AMG has a couple more ponies under the hood, but Brabus did replace the E63 badging with a B63 S badge, and of course the token Brabus logo on the left hand side. A subtle trunk lip spoiler adorns the top, but the carbon fibre texture makes it stand out on the stark white body. Up front is a new lip-spoiler and bumper that helps to increase downforce and stability, as well as providing a meaner looking fascia. The fenders are blistered to accommodate the larger rims, and lateral air outlets are installed to help to improve brake cooling. The rear bumper is also adjusted with a set of diffuser fins.

To match the body kit and styling, this particular car is outfitted with red AMG brake callipers (no, there is no increase in stopping power over the original silver AMG callipers), as well as Brabus Monoblock Q style wheels, in black. In all, the car looks more appropriate for a performance car, rather than the relatively plain looks of the standard AMG models.

Brabus and AMG were originally both tuning houses that specialised in Mercedes models. At one point, Brabus was so impressive that Mercedes considered taking the firm over, but the owners chose to remain private- and hence AMG became the official tuner under the Mercedes umbrella. That still doesn’t stop Brabus from tinkering with their cars, a little one-upmanship if you will, to show that they’re still capable of getting more out of an engine. It’s good business for everyone.

If you’d like to see this supercruiser in person, head on over to Naza World in PJ to view the car for yourself.

Car: Brabus B63 S E-Class

Engine: 6.2 litre, direct injection V8

0-100: 4.3-seconds

Transmission: 7-speed AMG Speedshift MCT(dual clutch)

Wheels: 19” Brabus Monoblock Q

Text: Aswan
Photos: CK Fun

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