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Wild and Untamed Baby Bull

The timeless coexistence of heart-achingly beautiful form seamlessly coalescing with state-of-the-art performance-primed function; the (rest of the) world remained ever more so in awe of the Italians and their masterful integration of engineering and art – a visceral approach that is distinctively Italian in all their glory and splendor.

In short, most of the nicer Italian cars or bikes or mopeds (or vacuum cleaner, blender, night lamp and what not) have all that you’ve come to expect from their particular classification and/or segment, the one telling deference being the eye-pleasing visual touches and tweaks that are unmistakably Italian. Such are the aforementioned Italian hallmarks that both infuse and insinuates their DNA right into the heart of these Lamborghinis and Ferraris that their poster child moniker affects not just the average Granturismo teens or college students speed nullifiers, but goes right up to design heads residing over the most secret of factory design houses some of them being ‘well and truly’ established in their own right.

Now lest we set about exposing the above ‘well and truly’ established car manufacturer as such, we’d be deriding ourselves of the gut-wrenchingly dramatic manifestation of the current ‘Baby Lambo’ predecessor – the Gallardo in its most exclusive iteration ever the Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo.

To start off let’s get right to the heart of this factory-prepped, purpose-built racing car – its 5.4 liter V10. Quite possibly among the most iconic NA engine ever engineered the 40 valve 90° V10 churns out a cool 570 hp at an ear-splitting 8000rpm while its peak torque of 540Nm comes at 6500rpm. Its full 4WD drivetrain receives the smooth and creamy V10 power via a robotized e-gear six-speed transmission (with paddle shifters of course).

As outlined by Lambo’s Chief Technical Officer Maurizio Reggiani, the 2013 Gallardo is based on the proven chassis and mechanical platform of its predecessor, but takes a significant step forward following extensive aerodynamic re-profiling of the surface geometries and the addition of adjustable aerodynamic devices, including an all-new ten-position rear wing.

The net benefit of this significant aerodynamic upgrade is 120% improvement in aerodynamic efficiency over the Gallardo’s 2012 model. With re-modelling of brake ducts, the new Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo achieves a 50% improvement in thermal performance with improved front brake cooling, while better balance and dynamic performance is achieved by increasing downforce by 128kg in low downforce set up and 160kg in high downforce trim.

While the racing technology advances, Mr Reggiani emphasizes that the Gallardo provides an efficient and cost-effective platform for customer racing. “We have taken a significant step forward with the aerodynamic performance of the new Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo, but still the car stays true to our core principles. We believe that it is important to evolve the car, while ensuring Super Trofeo remains an attractive series in which to compete.”

When all has been said inasmuch all that needed be done have thus come to pass, the (amazing) net result is plain for all to see: 2867lbs/1300kg curb weight, 438bhper per ton, 105.5 bhp per liter, this special edition Gallardo Super Trofeo blast through the speed gun to register the following hypercar-hunting figures: 3.4s 0 to 60mph, just under ten and a half seconds to double that speed and a few intense seconds later to reach its preprogrammed 198mph max speed.

Funny, with such gravity defying performance capability you’d almost forgot how much of a looker the former Baby Lambo (with a made to order Halloween costume adornments).

A looker with a whole multiple realms of personality to boot.

Car: Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo

Engine: 5402cc DOHC 40 valve 90º V10, Mid, Longitudinal mounted

Max power: 570bhp at 8000rpm

Max Torque: 540Nm at 6500rpm

Gearbox: 6-speed Sequential, 4WD

Curb weight: 1300kg/ 2855lbs

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