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Wankle For Days

Some say that the 90’s was the decade that ended the golden age of cars. It was half a century’s worth of automotive engineering that centred around performance and character before the relentless cloud of practicality swept everything away. Back then, the entertainment industry helped boost the image of cars, inadvertently giving them a persona and added desirability. Much like Brian O’Conner’s Nissan Skyline R34, the infamous Keisuke Takahashi from InitialD etched the Mazda RX-7 onto the automotive hall of fame.

The name Mazda is a synonym for rotary engines. While they may be a challenge to maintain, the wankle 1.3 litre engines have remarkable characteristics like its atmospheric rev limit and unique soundtrack. Being born in the era where outright performance is at the top of the priority list, naturally the stock motor itself was a beast and sitting in a sublime FR layout, it was an icon from the get go.

Given the age and JDM roots of the RX-7, modifying one is not that difficult if you have the moola. Take this one for example. The rotor has been rebuilt and bridgeported with a single 2mm apex seal by Faroib Autosport. Rather than the original twin turbo setup, this one has been converted to a single Garret T04s turbo to satisfy the owner’s power cravings. Supporting the larger turbo is a Greddy Trust manifold and wastegate. Fueling for the beast comes from 660cc and 1600cc primary and secondary injectors fed through Sard fuel rails and a Sard fuel regulator. Temperatures are kept low with a Knight Sport V Mount intercooler and radiator. Head honcho under the hood is the Link G4+ plug in ECU that controls and ensures everything is running in tip top fashion.

As is the challenge with all powerful FR cars, putting the power down requires a proper combination of parts. Wide wheels measuring in at 19×9.5 D9R by Work Emotion do a splendid job in gripping and making the RX-7 look sick as F*** on the move. Mechanically, the Ogura Racing twin plate clutch and Mazdaspeed 2way LSD (4.44 ratio) harness the engine output appropriately to the wheels. Let’s not forget the Project Mu discs that bring the car to a halt once the turbo hits its G-spot. In terms of handling, the owner opted for an authentic JDM brand for his JDM machine. Tein Superstreet coilovers are deployed at all four corners ensuring a balanced driving dynamic.

The exterior combination of the 99 spec front bumper, spoiler, RE Amemiya carbon fibre bonner, side mirror, rear diffuser and Feed side skirts makes the car seem as if it’s been taken right out of the streets of Tokyo. The interior reflects the same concept with many gauges feeding vital stats to the driver. The highlight is of course the sound system. A full Greddy Trust titanium exhaust. That, is the only music that matters. Case closed.


Knight Sport V Mount Intercooler, Knight Sport V Mount Radiator, Garret T04s Turbo, Bridgeport & Rebuild By Faroib Autosport, Single 2mm Apex Seal, Greddy Trust Manifold, Greddy Trust Wastegate, Original Sard Primary & Secondary Fuel Rail, Original Sard Fuel Regulator, Primary Fuel Injector 660 Cc, Secondary Fuel Injector 1600cc, Greddy Trust Titanium Exhaust, Custom Oil Catch Tank, Mazdaspeed 2way LSD 4.44 Ratio

Ogura Racing Clutch twin plate

Tien Superstreet Suspension

Link G4+ plug in ECU

Project Miu Disc Brake

Work emotion D9R 19×9.5 et 38

Fly Rx7 Guage Pod (3), Defi Advance Cf Boost, W.Temp ,Oil Press, Feed Gearknob, Greddy Profec Boost Controller

99 Spec Front Bumper, 99 Spec Spoiler, RE Amemiya CF Front Bonnet, RE Amemiya Sidemirror, RE Amemiya Rear Diffuser, Feed Side Skirt

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