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Unlimited Bling High Slung Jeep Style

Looking waaaay unlike the rest is quite possibly the ultimate manifestation of individuality. It is also a guy thing. Ask any guy you bump into or perhaps rather than risking a physical confrontation resulting from the premeditated act of bumping into another fella, you’d be better off asking that dude next to you yeah? or what the effin’ heck? You’re a dude aren’t you? Do ask the question unto yourself already. Need I say more?

It is in the very DNA of men throughout the ages from the times of the first wheeled chariots were made available to what was it Romans? Spartans? Bernie Ecclestone? Men in togas or them kilt slash support thongs that was essentially denim in those days would romp about their shiny new chariots, with warrior crest carvings, custom birch wood with rusty finish cold hard steel spokes, precursor to Nappa leather whips and harnesses, bespoke half carriages with colder and harder steel variable length horse flanker/ linker, and the biblically important ‘go’ component – the specially bred thoroughbred horse (one horse for the majority working class types or for the higher society that resides around the King’s hilltop palace, a pair of the most recently tamed wild Arabian horse pretty much the truest progenitor to the prancing, low metabolism horses of Maranello.

But as detailed and as individual a personalization them supposed chariots enthusiasts of the ancient Fast & Furious subculture supposedly were they’re still pretty much proportionately similar in terms of design as such. And even to this day, the same fundamental idea still holds sway. Be it compacts, saloons, hatchbacks, GTs, sports cars, as such, they’re all so oh very much the same looks-wise. So should you still dedicatedly adhere to the practice of boldly standing out from the boring crowd, it’d be a good and solid idea to opt for the Jeep, and not just any Jeep rather the Jeep Wrangler and not just any Jeep Wrangler but the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. But then again why settle for ‘just’ the Wrangler Unlimited when you can bling it out at one go with the handy and obliging help from Exoticmods, with their extraordinary ability to turn in such incredibly amazing automobile masterpiece such as this ornery high slung Jeep which not only stands out like way out but practically establishing a new bespoke category on itself – the Monster Mega Ultra four-by-four types or whatever.

I mean really guys, the entire visual sensation that a glance of this superlative Exoticmods special was utterly spectral, almost a ghostly apparition as such as it is unlike anything ever seen on our blessed motherland. The huge mix and match selection of exterior enhancing components made up of Exoticmods own (which include that amazing paint job), Bushwacker extended flares, plus a multitude of 4×4 bodywork extras, and them gargantuan 22 inch XD Rockstar wheels, all simply guarantee this Exoticmods Wrangler an even-Stevens attention yanking potential aside a rocket bunny wide body Italian ride. And the Jeep would win. Period.

And with the Jeep’s spirited 3.8 liter Pentastar V6 engine delivering almost 290 stock, endowed with Exoticmods’ performance upgrades: AFE Power intake and tuner, a MagnaFlow exhaust and Racechip response controller as such, it’d be pretty speedy on the move also and since speed is relative, with the visual thumper inherent within this unique one-off Jeep, the superspecial punch delivered hitherto could all but start a widebody Jeep revolution all its own. And another aspect we purposely left un-narrated would be this Unlimited Wrangler’s interior: a visual and luxury premium feast of custom Nappa upholstery all Exoticmods in-house, plus further Exoticmods compliments, Drake billet interior parts, Jeep accessories etc. And what’s more there’s that high ended ICE setup: Alpine source, Audison amp & processors, Focal speakers. Man, must’ve cost a bomb, nah make that a nuclear arsenal more like.

Yeah well, we’re at that juncture where complimentary words are running out, lest we allow our anti-hero editor be obnoxiously repetitive. And the editor hates repeating himself, which means we’d leave this exceedingly special feature open ended by default.
And the closing would come at the bottom end after our unashamedly imitated, copyrighted, trademarked, sealed, signed, and hologram-induced Hyperfacts!


Engine, Transmission & Exhaust
RaceChip Response Controller
MagnaFlow GlassPack Exhaust System for Wrangler 3.8
AFE Power Momentum Gt Pro Dry S Stage-2 Intake System
AFE Power Scorcher Tuner

Exotic Mods Custom Nappa Leather Seats
Exotic Mods Custom Nappa Leather Dashboard
Exotic Mods Custom Nappa Leather Gauge Cowl
Exotic Mods Custom Nappa Leather Center Console
Exotic Mods Custom Nappa Leather Handrest
Exotic Mods Custom Piano Black Interior Trims
Exotic Mods Custom Painted Grey & White Plastic Parts to Black
Exotic Mods Aluminium Door Sills with Jeep emblem
Exotic Mods Aluminium Pedals
Drake Off Road Billet Aluminum E-Brake Handle Cover
Drake Off Road Billet Passenger Side Grab Bar
2012 Jeep Wrangler JK Steering Retrofit with Exotic Mods Custom Nappa Leather
2012 Jeep Wrangler JK Steering Airbag

Alpine INE-W957E 7″ Advanced Navi Station Headunit
Audison Bit One Processor
Audison SFC Optical Adapater
Audison Voce 5.1 Amplifier
Audison Optical Add on AV Bit In
Focal Utopia BE No 6 active version High-end Front Component System
Focal 2-way Coaxial Rear Component System
Rainbow 12 inch Profi Subwoofer
Dynavin Wifi Media Box

Exotic Mods Custom PPG Matte Green Exterior & Interior Paint
Exotic Mods Angry Bird Grille
Exotic Mods Motorised License Plate Flipper
Fab Fours Lifestyle Winch Bumper
Ironman Winch – 9500lbs with Synthetic Rope
Rampage Rear Recovery Bumper with Swing Away Tire Carrier – Textured Black
Bushwacker Front Extended Coverage Fender Flares
Bushwacker Rear Extended Coverage Fender Flares
Smittybilt SRC Side Armor in Textured Black
Drake Off Road Door & Tailgate Handle Inserts
Truck Master Designs™ Cold Air Induction Hood
Drake Off Road Hood Hold Downs
Warrior Products Outer Cowl Covers
Bestop Hood Apllique – Black
3M Security Tints

XD Rockstar 22″ wheels – 5pcs/set
Nitto Grappler Tire – 35X12.50R22LT M/T Tires

Suspension & Braking
Bilstein Suspension Lift Kit + Shocks
Bilstein Steering Stabilizer & High Steer Correction Kit

Delta 7″ Round Quad Bar Xenon Headlamp Kit
KC Hilites 3″ C3 LED Lights & Brackets

Exotic Mods (Sunway Damansara)

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