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Un-Mellow Yellow Bavarian Motor Special

With the numerical order for BMW model line-up having been all accounted for from Series 1 right up to Series 7 (with Series 8 being put on the back burner for the time being), the conforming hierarchy may now be ascertain yes? Yeah well maybe that’d be up for debate as the biggest (7 Series), while being the most luxurious, most opulent of all Bimmers in current production, is by no mean the brawniest or indeed the fastest. And by no stretch of the imagination could you consider the 1 series the least powerful either.

Now why is all the above relevant in this instant? Not too sure really, just thought about pointing that out before I start yammering away on the key merit points on this screaming banana yellow Hamann-detailed 6 Series. Maybe it’s a BMW corporate intention to keep its clientele guessing as to what goes where, and where is whatchamacallit? Maybe their corporate honchos have a monthly game of random dice throwing contest where the stakes would be tantamount to what newest tech goes to which model, what new model is next, or somehow or rather pretty much.

In the mean time we have hardcore car folks yearning for an even more hardcore M machines, equipped with Competition packs, limited edition plaques with unique serial numbers of course, which a certain M5 30 Jahre, with the biggest production horsepower figures ever seen on a BMW, had pretty much satiated, only to be swiped clean off the production line even before they’re actually produced. Not to mentioned coming with stratospheric sticker price.

Such qualms are the norm among those hardy souls who’re in it as per the ‘Ultimate driving machine’ tagline, seeking a legitimate entry into such exclusive company. They are exceedingly well to do gentlemen with pretty fat checkbooks et al, knowledgeable and well versed in the inner-workings of a bonafide performance machine as such. And yet as they maneuver their way into the nether reaches of what’s real and what is at best, a whisker away from their own reality; they’d ultimately had to settle for something a whisker less than the most exclusive of driving machines. Perhaps something with more than adequate oomph, more than adequate style, but a little less dent on the wallet yeah? So as to have more liquid cash I venture. Smart man.

Kinda like our big man right here, the big man sitting snugly all buckled up in the driving seat of this one truly babe magnet of a Bimmer. This Sixer Bimmer was originally in a rather pretty sedate state of being whereas the owner upon deciding to sell it, approached M Custom Cars in his desire to transform his ‘mild’ Bimmer to a ‘wild’ Bimmer. The thing is, the ‘mild to wild’ credo is M Custom Cars own motto, and have hitherto rolled out numerous such examples, ranging from nominally wild to outrageously wild. As for this particular example, it sits right smack in the middle, with its flamboyant color-coded exterior / interior finishing.

The bodykit is a completely customized M Custom Cars version complete with German grill up front as well as customized M6 hood. The Atacama Yellow paintjob was in essence the key characteristic that brought out this classy Bimmer coupe’s ‘wild side’. With the contrasting black detailing therein, plus the utterly gorgeous Breyton rims, the whole ‘wild persona’ certainly fits the bill. The same yellow black color combo permeates the interior, made up for the most part of Nappa leather, fully customized of course. In amongst the eye-catching innards is a kick-ass Rockford Fosgate sound system – amplified to the tune of that Italian Job’s Napster ‘speaker so freakin loud it rips a girl’s clothes to shreds’. And yes, that was what you might call exaggeration; in any case there’s also a lovely set of Hamann foot pedals. Go figure as to where the Hamann emblems and decals came about.

Anyways, having ascertained the cosmetic details, and lovely they certainly were, we absolutely need to ascertain the performance side of this Atacama Yellow enveloped 630Ci. The details given had the 3 liter Inline 6 rated at 325 bhp, acquired through computer remap, lightened adjustable pulley and connecting rods bearing, K&N Air filter and Akrapovic exhaust. Handling improvements were made via a set of Bilstein dampers, with stopping power coming in much more assuring with a set of yummy M6 brakes.

A well sorted approach that exemplifies ‘doing what’s needed’. As classy as it is cool.

Car: BMW 6 Series

Engine Mods: upgraded to 325 bhp; computer remapped, con rod bearing lightened & lightened adjustable pulley, Akrapovic exhaust, K&N racing air filter

Transmission: stock

Handling: Bilstein shock absorbers

Brakes: M6 brakes kit

Wheels & Tires: 19″ inch Breyton rims & Kumho tires

Exterior: Customized body kit from M Custom Cars: front lips, side skirts, back diffuser, back spoiler, German nose grill, M6 customized hood; HID lights and LED fog lamps, Atacama yellow paintjob

Interior: custom Nappa leather, Hammann foot pedals interior, floor board & roof sound-proofing, Rockford Fosgate amplifier, 4 speakers,8 inch woofer under the seat.

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